Prepare your new life while study in Netherlands

In mid-September to July next year, new year start. Some university courses started in February last until December. Students usually have to study 40 hours / week. Accepting applications on an English test preparation courses in English to enter university and graduate in May and November. Prepare to study in Netherlands today.

Vietnam travel – Beautiful and more

Whether visitor are looking for Vietnam package tours that includes transportation to and from Vietnam tour packages, or you just want to plan someday excursion during your independent holiday, lot of Vietnam package tours can make you and your friend/family happy. Vietnam package tours are wonderful ways for you to pick and choose which way you want to travel within Vietnam; whatever your activity preference, enjoy the tour.

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Alkmaar interesting tourist destination in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands : Alkmaar is a municipality in the province of Noord Holland Netherlands . Place this world-famous by the traditional cheese market, creating a unique culture. Alkmaar has … [Read More...]

Travel Holland: The old architecture of Holland

Indispensable activity of most travelers to the capital Amsterdam is traveling by boat to slowly enjoy the gentle beauty shows, classic architecture has two buildings on the river. The front of the … [Read More...]

It is interesting to travel Netherlands

Once arrived in the land of tulips and windmills, visitors will discover many interesting things. Old village deep bass Nestled in the Green River absently, under a canopy of ancient old houses are … [Read More...]

Delft, the beauty of a life the old Dutch

Sitting on the train from Amsterdam to Delft, we watch the lively Dutch countryside in a sunny morning in May. Sky, ground, space carries fresh colors. At the same green grass, the garden plum, apple … [Read More...]

Visit the village has no roads in the Netherlands

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax, then a small village named Giethoorn is an ideal place for you. The village is unique in the Netherlands province of Overijssel. Founded by a group of … [Read More...]

Netherlands – Country of cheese

Referring to the Netherlands, one can not necessarily ignore a special world-renowned ancient land of tulips is cheese. Although very close near the culinary capital of the world but no Dutch … [Read More...]

The Dutch

Are you planning to study Dutch ? Find out about human Netherlands to better understand the learning environment of the future yourselves, make sure you will love this beautiful … [Read More...]

If there is no Tulip in Amsterdam

Do you know why in the Netherlands, people are running old bikes, including the president? Or why the symbols are everywhere in Amsterdam XXX? Looks like there are things on an Amsterdam (the capital … [Read More...]

Colorful festivals in Netherlands

Not only known for its windmills, wooden shoes, flowers yet-lip, the Netherlands also known as the "land of festivals." Queen's Day (Queen's Day) This is the largest Dutch festivals. In 1980, when … [Read More...]

Amsterdam – Capital of Bicycle

Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - the Low Countries (Norderlanden). Although only 41,500 km2 with a broader population of nearly 17 million people, the Netherlands is a … [Read More...]

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Universities and scholarships

There are hundreds of students with the dream of learning more in life. However, very few get the opportunity to do it. The importance of scholarships in a student’s life need not be stressed, deserving students an opportunity to explore more. The main organization managing information about scholarships in Holland is Netherlands’ Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education.

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University of International Business Management HBO

The Netherlands is one of the country to prosper in Europe thanks to revenues from industrial, agricultural and natural gas. Moreover, this is also a country of tourism with many famous Rijks Museum, … [Read More...]

Maastricht University

Maastricht University is a prestigious university of the Netherlands and European style with the majority of international training programs in English. The school's desire is to attract talented … [Read More...]

Rotterdam business University

Public University of Rotterdam - located in Rotterdam, the world's largest port, famous for courses in business administration programs: preparatory, college, masters, and the forward … [Read More...]

Fontys University

Fontys University is one of the university's largest specialized education and the Netherlands. ABOUT SCHOOL - 32,000 students and 2,650 staff of 34 Institutes  - International students will … [Read More...]

Study in the Netherlands: University of HAN

HAN University is located in the city of Nijmegen, a beautiful and ancient city located on the banks of the river Waal in the east of the Netherlands. The city famous for its romantic forests, nature … [Read More...]

HES Amsterdam University

HES Amsterdam School is located in the capital Amsterdam. With teaching methods combining theory with practice, HES Amsterdam-public universities leading economy of the Netherlands-is always a high … [Read More...]

University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Hogeschool van Amsterdam is one of the University of Applied Sciences the largest system of higher professional education in the Netherlands and is the largest city of Amsterdam. University of … [Read More...]

Communication scholarship in the Netherlands

Study in Holland Scholarship assistance for key Euro 3000 Bachelors of the Dutch government NHTV media for non-EU students. College is one of the most significant decisions in life. This decision … [Read More...]

Study in Holland Scholarship food industry

You want to study Dutch? Hesitate any longer, sign up scholarships food industry, sector leading the world famous Dutch. Has the world's leading food technology industry, agriculture, the Netherlands … [Read More...]

Scholarship food industry in the Netherlands

A national leader leading the food industry, agriculture, the Netherlands is truly the ideal destination for learning, technology research, technological development in sectors this. Food technology … [Read More...]

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Prepare to study in Holland

Where in your life, too, there are always advantages and disadvantages of it. Talking about life in the Netherlands shall have the following main points: Generally speaking most study abroad students satisfied with their lives in the Netherlands. People here are friendly, sociable. After 2 years living and studying in the Netherlands, I remained loyal to the dishes of Vietnam. And most students here would be a major cleaning job.

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Introduction to IELTS

English Language Testing System International (International English Testing System) is the English exam for the subjects to study and live in countries that use English as the official … [Read More...]

The problem when register Toefl iBT exam

You can register for the TOEFL iBT online Through mail or over the telephone Online: to subscribers worldwide Phone: call the number 1-800-468-6335 if you test in … [Read More...]


TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language ) is a standardized test capable of assessing the English proficiency of those who use this language as a foreign language in an academic … [Read More...]

What is TOEFL iBT?

TOEFL iBT TOEFL test is a new version of the application of high speed Internet technology to test skills using academic English, the Institute of Educational Testing Service (ETS) was first … [Read More...]

Study in Holland – Low cost high quality

If you want to choose a study program in English but afraid of high costs in the UK, the Netherlands is truly an ideal choice to enjoy education in English with high quality and cost low … [Read More...]

About studying abroad after married

Study after married and even having children is not uncommon especially for postgraduate courses (Masters and PhD). For them, when asked for a scholarship and then, deciding to go or not and how it's … [Read More...]

Other forms of life of international students

When abroad, about the housing is very important. Find the inn so that cost savings and convenience is the most urgent needs of students. Let's see that made you like? Division of house, there are … [Read More...]

How to use your time while studying in Netherlands?

You are a student or preparing to study abroad ? You are taking their time like? Use time truth is reasonable that the very important for with these du students, this article share with the you how to … [Read More...]

Study in Holland: Living with natives

Study in the choice of many teenagers today. But many still can not help wonder you live? Dormitory-house-rent or friend living with indigenous people? Hint is: if you have confidence conditions and … [Read More...]

Dutch Study Pages

Let's hear your share of the student learning experience in the Netherlands Nhe! Hope this helps your luggage firmly arrived in the Dutch study. Learn Dutch Tip of the former study was born when the … [Read More...]

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