About studying abroad after married

Study after married and even having children is not uncommon especially for postgraduate courses (Masters and PhD). For them, when asked for a scholarship and then, deciding to go or not and how it’s not easy. If the spouses, and families are encouraged sympathetic to the school easier. But not everyone is the support and consent of the spouse and family when deciding to study abroad.

Where Mai Trang in Vietnam as an example. After graduating in Accounting University with a degree good, good language and dynamic page easily have a good job with high salary in a bank. Stable job, have the encouragement of family, Page was married to his lover after a year more than 2 years old to work. With a dream to study keeps burning since I was a student, so when she went to find out information and scholarship candidates. When the scholarship, she said her husband and seek his masters want to go abroad to expand their knowledge and have a better position in the future.

However, when the wives have to study, her husband expressed dissatisfaction page, so that women learn enough time, steady job, good income, … no need to study further. Moreover, parents also want the child to “happy happy house door.” With the fierce reaction of the husband and the husband’s family, Page had to put aside the dream unfinished study although she applied for a scholarship. Male, born in Hung Yen, who are working in a telecom company in Hanoi. Before and after married, Nam still cherished dream of foreign higher education in information technology. After being married for 2 years, he would get a scholarship in Germany and want to quit your current job to attend school.

Although no more than prevent the wife Nam, but his wife and his parents opposed his parents, saying that his wife has nearly 30 years that the couple have a baby yet. Both he and his wife wants a baby was “where it goes and goes,” because he is the only son in the family. Determination to discourage parental sides, Nam also halted plans to study abroad his. Unlike the above two cases, Tuan, born in Thanh Hoa, was married is when he knew I was awarded a scholarship to integrate both the masters and doctoral Korea. Although my daughter, but for the future, her family encouraged him Tuan school. Been married a month, Tuan right to your country in time for the school year.

Passionate young couple weeks are going to school because I can not miss the chance to a couple of great suffering of mind and attachment when separated. Every day after laboratory studies to midnight, Tuan back to form 1-2am to talk with his young wife at home via skype. Later, Tuan decided to move his course to master to return home soon reunited with his wife. He shared, I’d worry about a family of water in sight and then will decide whether to continue schooling or not doctors. The above is about to study abroad who are married but no children. For people who already have children, to study abroad the story is more complex.

She received a scholarship Dieu Huong Dr. Ecosystems in Japan is not lost when she first was 2 years old. The support of her husband, she decided to “winter tourism” a trip, and at heart will seek to bring his father home to Japan for the reunion. After learning to Japan for two years, thanks to the relationship, a professor … she also brought her husband and son to be, then find him a job that party limb. Although her husband Huong graduated and is doing business for a company in Hanoi, but often the wife wants to reunite his family is still acceptable to Japan as workers.

Her daughter is 4 years old when it is sent to a kindergarten school with a Japanese friend. But because she does not know Japanese, habitat changes, total strangers around, after a time to Japan, he can not get you in class, speaking slowly and even at home do not want to say Vietnamese parents. Seeing the signs of autism, she and her husband bring me to the sunset with Vietnam adopted by his grandparents. Like Huong, he completed the doctoral school also has a wife and a child at home. Young couples to have children, not economically well-off, so he must radically new savings amassed scholarship money from a child sent to his wife. School for a year, when my son was almost 2 years old, he discussed with his wife masters scholarships to give to his wife and children.

After several failed attempts, finally she also won a scholarship for Master degree in materials science he studied properly. 3 of his family were reunited so. But because children are too young, so the couple must learn, by studying childcare and appointed another. Do children weak resistance when transferred to new habitats are or sick, so after take me to two months, the couple finally complete take me by his grandparents – external care.