Alkmaar interesting tourist destination in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands : Alkmaar is a municipality in the province of Noord Holland Netherlands . Place this world-famous by the traditional cheese market, creating a unique culture. Alkmaar has many large buildings built in medieval architecture. One of the most prominent building is the tower Grote Sint-Laurenskerk, which are usually chosen to organize the solemn ceremony.

Coming to Alkmaar – Netherlands, visitors can not miss visit Alkmaar cheese market – one of the attractive tourist destinations of the country the Netherlands. Cheese market traditionally takes place on the 6th day of April first and ending on the 6th day of September first. 6 in the morning (from 10 hours – 12 hours 30), after the fashion show stock, traders and porters cheese guy out points in the weight and balance forms cheese. The pretty girl dressed in traditional Dutch show smiling tourists cheese products with local characteristics.

Cheese traditionally made cheese brand is well-known Dutch Edam and Gouda cheese. Guests can not buy cheese at the Alkmaar cheese market, because this is only meeting with cheese display as the unique culture of local people. However, visitors can still buy all kinds of cheese and other products sales counters located around the Alkmaar cheese market. Besides, tourists can admire the colorful tulip fields and windmills famous in Alkmaar.