Amsterdam – Capital of Bicycle

Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – the Low Countries (Norderlanden). Although only 41,500 km2 with a broader population of nearly 17 million people, the Netherlands is a country of many different and exotic.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 1

It is a lowland country in the world with 27% area and 60% of the population live at altitudes lower than sea level about 1 meter. Therefore, systems that shrimp pond dikes and polders are considered creative wonders of the natural man before. The Netherlands is a country with agriculture the world’s leading exporter, behind only the U.S. and France. Speaking of Dutch tulips are talking about – also known as UAT metallic flavor – brilliant and is present throughout the territory. Dutch flower exporters as well as the world’s number one. Flowers in Amsterdam Chamber tti modern, exciting and wide to dizziness.

Already renowned Dutch cheese specialties, both consumption and export, quality can not impeccable. The wooden type (sometimes shaped body) colorful and delicate design, are sized souvenirs indispensable to visitors visiting the land of Windmills whose owner is the way people have higher average world leader.

Windmills are not originating from the Netherlands. It was invented in the seventh century by a Muslim. Body made of clay mortar and wooden wings, moving through the wind, used to grind corn and water. Since 1740, the first windmill was built in the village of Kinderdijk. The Dutch still more than 1,000 trees, hundreds of years still life … good run. From the original function is taking advantage of wind power made the motion to grind flour, pump water and then to present to generators, windmills helped the Netherlands flourished not only in agriculture that both the industry and other services.

More importantly, environmental protection, which the industrial development very difficult. Inside the body of the windmill is the narrow room can stay temporarily, in the kitchen, doing inventory, there are stairs to the roof. Later wings were replaced with metal timber, lightweight durable medium that the larger capacity. Visit the windmills in Holland, I’ve always wondered: Vietnam Parish excess sun and wind but I always lack of electricity, why not do the treadmill, to serve life and production? It is as simple as a bicycle rather difficult to do where tanks, where the aircraft.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 2

The Netherlands is the earliest country legalizing prostitution, same-sex marriage recognized and publicly selling marijuana (a mild narcotic) with the specified number. They say 10% of Amsterdam’s population is gay, and that is the largest gay city in Europe.

In Amsterdam, next to the church there are monuments Westermarkt Gay equilateral triangle with granite, representing the past – and future – where the shooting of gay marriage. Amsterdam with the world famous “red light district” located along the banks of two canals and Achterburgwal Voorburgwal – one of the beautiful old town of the capital. The origin of this unique neighborhood from the fourteenth century, when the girls portable lantern red – a sign of the crew said to “buy”. Quarter only works at night – the most bustling and noisy as 21 hours – 2 am.

The girls meet citizenship (estimated around 20 different countries), all ages (but not over 18) and full body. Someone like “baby healthy baby” or international sumo wrestlers, such as pregnant people (?) … They have the skinny behind the wide glass door about 2-3m2, wearing cloth maximum savings, always bend invites and promotional sign. The glass doors are a light red mixed roses – so called literally “red light district.” As a guest, screen cover will be pulled down signals owners are “busy”!

Around the red light district has numerous sex shop selling everything instruments, movies, books … related to sex. There are also sex museum (museum sex) class travelers spoiled for research, both watching and imagination! Dutch government wants to open things easy to manage and taxation, but it’s not that simple. Prostitutes of undeclared income, marijuana bill is not selling. Red light district is also where criminal gangs and pimps operating broker shields, very phen plagued local administration.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 3

Amsterdam even lower than sea level but is still a busy port, is the largest city in the Netherlands and is one of the largest central European town. The weird thing, but Amsterdam is the capital of the administrative offices are in Den Haag (also known as La Haye) – International Court of Justice where the trial of crimes of humanity. To Amsterdam, I like most is to go boating on the canals to explore the capital is lower than sea level. How do they build a powerful country in the difficult conditions of geography and soil like that? The beautiful green river has climate control, just add makeup to Amsterdam gracefully flamboyant personality.

But impressive as the land of windmills, the tulips, wooden shoes of all kinds is the bicycle. Nowhere as many Amsterdam bicycles. Almost every person has a bicycle, bicycle transportation is the key here. From a walk, go shopping, go to work – including officials, for the children where to go … By using a bicycle should not take the exercise. One of the factors to height Dutchman is a world leader by climate, soil, food and bicycles. There are ordinary bicycles, bicycles 3 wheels, 4 wheel bicycles, bicycles couple – three bikes, cars big wheels, small wheels … Well, then all kinds of innovative, full of color. There are baby carriages in front, behind the truck, which truck side … Because many bicycle should have its own bike path and are given priority over other motor types.

Once upon a bicycle attached to the LDCs and the backwardness. But now the bike into the mainstream of civilized nations. Biking to environmental protection, to exercise, to combat stress … I remember back to Hanoi subsidy period, the street is always crowded with bicycles – which is warm white bar means love. The motorcycle – which was originally galaxy called “car blast” with the sound of a car explosion – thought is comfortable, modern helped change the way people of Hanoi, the sharp bar deletes Chang’an’s calendar?

Because everyone cycling open so people can know and talk to each other more easily. The atmosphere at Amsterdam also fresh, peaceful and friendly world. I just want to enjoy yourself in the cyclists, bright happy smile hello embarrassing to forget the noisy, smoke and dust in his homeland. If in Saigon and the Vietnam town where everyone cycling discretion? When the Vietnamese people will was stronger, larger and highly adorable. There will be a beautiful country and richer.