Colorful festivals in Netherlands

Not only known for its windmills, wooden shoes, flowers yet-lip, the Netherlands also known as the “land of festivals.”

Queen’s Day (Queen’s Day)

This is the largest Dutch festivals. In 1980, when Queen Beatrix ascended the throne, to pay respect to mother, she was taken on 30/4 – the birth of her mother, Queen Juliana as Queen’s Day. On that day, throughout the Netherlands took place the exciting, especially in two major cities of Amsterdam and The Hague: colorful flags and flowers on every street, stalls selling food and everything related to holidays such as clothing , hats, bracelets, necklaces, wigs … all an orange – the color of the Dutch royal family. Draught beer is the drink is best consumed with a cup euro deposit charge. Dam Square, Niewmarkt, Jordaan, Rembrandplein, Leiserplein filled with fun, the transport in the city shut down, people just walk away.

On the night of Queen (Queen’s Night), throughout the city, especially in parks, two roadside, the road, busy buyers and sellers. Everyone is allowed to sell all the goods and the money is not tax revenue. Main products are all kinds of hand if luck can “socks” is an antique bargain. In that special night, the pubs and clubs open throughout the morning.  The festival starts from the previous night and ended before sunrise the next morning. This is the only day in the police break no active intervention but noisy crowd. If day 30 falls on a Sunday festival competition will move to the right 29.

Flower Parade

Keukenhof Gardens with about 7 million flowers, each year attracting over 700 thousand tourists in the world. Time is the most beautiful flowers in late April early May. At that time, there will be the flower parade with dozens of decorated raft shape of colorful fun. It is unusual parade with giant flowers friends are held both day and night.

Floriade flower festival

Floriade is a big festival and most particularly in the flower festival, held once every ten years in the city of Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands. In the 65-hectare campus, the fair is divided into three zones, a 17 euro entrance fee. Park welcome visitors from 9 h 30 to 18 hours.

Domino Festival

Domino Festival held in November each year in the town of Leeuwarden. There were about 4.5 million domino pieces are used to build the colorful fields. And when the pieces fall apart, will create portraits of famous people. Tourists are interested to witness the transformation from the form domino pieces.

On the feast of St. Martin

Place on 11/11 each year, not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands. This holiday is near giongvoi day carnival for children in Halloween. Today, people call him St. Martin, symbol of compassion. The story goes that, one night heavy rain, lightning, Martin alone in isolated mantle with a piece of bread. Are on the way home, he suddenly met a beggar no place to enjoy. He felt so sorry for that poor man, four divided half piece of bread, half cloak, then that person slept in the house.

Charles Dickens Festival

Charles Dickens Festival takes place in the city of Deventer on Saturday and last Sunday before Christmas. On that day, life in an ancient 19th century, in the masterpieces of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), writer of English, are reproduced vividly. Costumes, makeup, gestures, body language of the noble couple, teenagers or the typical family, the royal troops in the 19th century, visitors can see on the street is and very real life. Recreate life in the 19th century in the masterpieces of Charles Dickens.