Dutch Study Pages

Let’s hear your share of the student learning experience in the Netherlands Nhe! Hope this helps your luggage firmly arrived in the Dutch study.

Learn Dutch

Tip of the former study was born when the Dutch arrived in the Netherlands, you should learn the language of this country. 95% of Dutch people can use English in a fluent. You will not feel crestfallen because they can communicate with people in English anywhere on their land … There are more than 1,500 programs and international courses are taught in English at the University Dutch force you so good at English. In addition to English, will be an added advantage when learning Dutch language – the language of the Netherlands. If you speak Dutch and would be highly advantageous to go for extra work.

Register Nuffic scholarship

Nuffic scholarships are scholarships for students from developing countries, including Vietnam. There are many cases in the Netherlands are among the world’s most prestigious schools and here they are Nuffic Scholarship. These include Technical University TU Delft, Wageningen University, well known for engineering and technology. University of Tiburg ranks as one of the best trained European economy. Some universities such as Leiden, HES Amsterdam, HAN Anrhem … Thanks to these scholarships that Holland attracts students from around the world.

Living a simple and time-honored

Dutch Country lifestyle casual, open and frank … quite similar to the Vietnamese people. So while new to the Netherlands, do not be trendy, Joneses, trendy looks. Life-saving help you understand the value of money when away from home how big. Where to go and be on time, do not use rubber now, the Dutch do not like that! Hint Dutch people are very interested in cycling, they have a high awareness in environmental protection. So you also need a bike, also to ensure the initiative on time.

DO NOT violate the law

No stealing, aggression, fighting, grudge … You should never stick anything to violate the law. Law in this regime is quite strict and tight. Will only find trouble if you break!

Enjoy the scenery

The Netherlands is located in the heart of Europe and with the relatively pleasant climate. Speaking of the country and the Dutch, who had arrived in the land of windmills and flowers will remember right tuylip lifestyle liberal, open and frank.