HES Amsterdam University

HES Amsterdam School is located in the capital Amsterdam. With teaching methods combining theory with practice, HES Amsterdam-public universities leading economy of the Netherlands-is always a high standard in guiding student learning. HES Amsterdam cooperation with over 80 universities in the world, such as the University of Brighton, London Metropolitan University, California State University, University of Miama … In addition, HES Amsterdam also collaborates with 10 well-known institutions in the world to grant equal dual students.

1. Aspects of the capital, Amsterdam

The capital Amsterdam is one of the commercial center, the largest financial Europe. Tens of thousands of large corporations in the world are based here as corporate finance and the world’s leading insurance ABN, AMRO, ING.Thi Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the stock market in the world’s oldest world. International Airport in Amsterdam Shiphol 4th largest in Europe. From the airport you can Shiphol to the major European centers such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome in a few hours. With a population of 735,000 people, Amsterdam is a city of peace and quiet. With good conditions in living, learning and entertainment, Amsterdam has been ranked the 12th in 215 cities with the best quality of life in the world (William M.Mercer, 2001. London) and the city lowest cost in Europe. With over 200 ethnic people living especially in Europe, Amsterdam is an ideal city for thousands of international students studying here.

2. Training methods combining theory with practice

With the training model is not too large in number, HES Amsterdam-public universities leading economy of the Netherlands-is always a high standard in guiding student learning. The discipline has its own council include education faculty and students, each student has the right to exchange or petition directly with the teachers, the representative of the ministry or department. The method of the school is helping students get the connection between theory and practice. Right from the first semester, the school has continuously held for students to work in offices or factories to the fact-finding. Not only that, the school also invites experienced professionals to exchange practices, talking to students. Many of the teachers currently working in factories, large corporations in the Netherlands and Europe.

3. High-quality training of reasonable expenses

Educational background: bachelor’s degree program lasts 4 years economy. First 2 years students study theory with practice. During this time students meet and exchange with experts in their fields of study, subjects received from teachers, who guide and do homework in groups with the guidance of teachers. 3rd year students attend school in another country in Europe or America, Australia, … In addition to practice time, each student has at least 6 months to a year abroad. Outer end of the class of HES Amsterdam School, students also received by the school that they sign up to learn, for example: students studying in Dortmund or Berlin (Germany) will receive a bachelor’s degree, “Business Administration Business “; students will receive in” Management and international trade “if they choose Plymouth, Brighton (UK) or Sweden’s Halmstad, students will get by” Marketing degree “if they choose France or Mexico, ….

Cost: The cost of the degree course in economics HES Amsterdam is 2300 Euro / year. Money nhatu 200-350 Eur / month depending on you to register for single or double room, a comfortable home or not, living costs of students from 100 to 150 Eur / month. Tuition fees remain the same as if you were selected HES Amsterdam school “program by double” in another country.

4. International learning environment, safe, friendly and modern

HES Amsterdam has over 10 majors in economics annual student enrollment of about 5000-5500. Of which 50% of the housing area is for students from countries around the world, the rest are indigenous students. The school also has many services for free or reduced price incentives for students such as sports activities, hes @ home, SMS, ..

5. Employment Opportunities wage

According to research by 4/2003 of the “HBO-Monitor” Organization of specialized universities of the Netherlands nearly 100% HES Amsterdam graduates are finding jobs in large corporations of the world within 3 months salary of about 26,500 Eur / year.

6. The training programs in English

  • Pre-university course: To train students with the skills necessary to succeed in the future, HES Amsterdam enrollment university preparatory course for students 5.5 IELTS. The program was implemented in 18 weeks, fees Euro 4200.
  • The program “International Business Administration” (IBMS): four years of study, tuition in 2288 Eur / year. Students will be awarded honorary Degree (BA hon.) Ending this program, students have the skills to work in positions such as sales manager, project director and director for planning, …
  • Program “International Financial Management” (IFM): four years of study, tuition in 2288 Eur / year honors degree. The program is very broad and deep financial is really a good opportunity for students interested in finance, banking, securities markets and insurance.
  • The program “Business Information Management”: – Bussiness Intelligence Management (BIM).

The program aims to meet the urgent needs of professionals in this field.

7. Students at HES Amsterdam Vietnam

To ensure an international environment, HES Amsterdam School each year only 3-5 students originating from Vietnam for a program. Here, students in Vietnam really proud of my choice. So far, there was no school students in Vietnam at HES Amsterdam moved to other schools. If you would like more information about courses at HES Amsterdam School, please visit the website: http://www.hesasd.nl/type1EN.asp?paginaID=473 or: http://www.hesasd. nl/type1EN.asp? paginaID = 410 to get to know the official representative of the HES Amsterdam in Vietnam.