If there is no Tulip in Amsterdam

Do you know why in the Netherlands, people are running old bikes, including the president? Or why the symbols are everywhere in Amsterdam XXX? Looks like there are things on an Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) so it lies below the familiar image of the red light district, the bustling cafes along the street, filled with bicycles around the bridge on the river … Very few people truly understand this city, even the residents have to stick with it for years.

  1. What makes a distinctive and attractive Amsterdam?
  2. How a city is built on the marsh mud?
  3. How do I generate from all countries only?
  4. Why the Netherlands – the first republic in Europe – there are 2 names Netherlands and Holland?
  5. Why prostitution is a legitimate business in Amsterdam?
  6. Why people are running old bikes, including the president?

Regardless tulips, these questions are things always inspire me to come here. There will be things to be answered after you read the accompanying me to the end of this article. But there are things still left open to wait for you to discover, if you’re like me, trot Amsterdam charm was lost then.

Tulip Well, I suppose the world away …

No other flower that its power can make hundreds of thousands of people crazy and makes the stock market exchange rates swing like tulips. Despite the winter, most of the dry leafless branches, so that tulips keep it a vitality, makes me not want to leave your feet from the flower because of its appeal too large. Tulip is the most beautiful in April until mid-May, when the fields of tulips bloom in the early sunshine at Amsterdam as well as gain a huge profit not only from the trade, export processing flowers but also from the millions of tourists from around the world to enjoy the show. East and most notably Keukenhoff garden, close to Amsterdam by train 1 hour, where you can see not only the tulip which is the most award-winning flowers worldwide.

I started thinking, if a flower on the capital of the world is no longer a tulip flowers do. The child star? Surely a Holland would lose much of its appeal. But no matter the popularity of Amsterdam and revenue from tourism will end. There are still many other things that make the city famous. 6800 works have memories from the Golden era of the 17th century spread across Amsterdam – small town, has a history of the most massive in Europe. As a rough-hewn wooden shoes and heavy look but becomes smooth in the classical dance. Clogs are made from raw wood birch trees are plentiful here. In ancient time the Dutch also bring heels to avoid injuries if stepped on the foot while cow milk, and avoid going through wet marshes. Now we only use this type of shoe while gardening, to decorate walls or souvenirs for tourists.

They are also hidden by the windmill on the river Amstel, gentle but proudly in the sky. As cows are hung from the ceiling in a grocery store when they’re not doing the same task but when it comes to girls, who can imagine without much explanation said: “girl Netherlands “. Amsterdam also intrigued by the system 37 museums, including the Anne Frank house, where the story kept diary of a young girl (The Diary of a young girl) in World War 2, and Dungeop Amsterdam where you challenge the courage, the Van Gogh museum, museum film, journalism museum, wax museum, where you can see Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ronaldinho, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Captain Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean pirates can suddenly kiss you or threatened you terrified. I suppose the world away, a tulip, will know little sad at the loss of a beauty that people know that he always loved, sure … but life will continue, whether the saddest thing can still happen .

A view from the water Amsterdam

Holland is the name of a province that Amsterdam is the main city. When merged with the other provinces into one country independence against Spain in 1579, Holland was the most important areas of the new nation was founded should be viewed as the unofficial name of the Netherlands. The word “Netherlands” means the countries below the low, because 20% of the Netherlands lies below sea level and most of the land here is being renovated from the sea. Over hundreds of years, with scientific and technological invention, with faith and effort, the Dutch created the earth and everything from water previously only!

Likewise, all of what makes Amsterdam today a completely submerged about 700 years ago. Amsterdam and now, with 90 islands by encroaching land and 160 channels, more than 1,200 bridges, called from the river Amstel and the dam (dam) to prevent water which is now the Dam Square. You see, just you do not ever think what you are trying is a myth only to exert ourselves. Not a prosperous Amsterdam from ground water is basically only a testament to the wonder that is greater than you imagine why?

River Tours Amsterdam is ranked as the tour interesting and popular in Europe’s second ball, but at no time shall the absence of people just sip a glass of water on hand, just listen to the story of Amsterdam when the waves turn the ship is on the river Amstel, go through the highlights can not miss the city: the Royal palace, national monument, Skinny Bridge, Albert Cuyp market, the diamond factory, flower market. But to survive and develop, try to time is not enough, need all the sangtao. It can be seen that through the travel agency in Amsterdam is trying to brainstorm to “me” customers with “pizza tour” (a local specialty is serving pizza), “candle light tour” (check psychology customers enjoy a romantic dinner on the river with sparkling candles), or “jazz cruise” for those who want to enjoy a feast of music in his journey.

Profit from the bike rust

Dubbed the “city bike”, the number of bicycles on the road in Amsterdam’s population is more than 750,000 people with over 1 million bikes. Most all of the bikes here are rust, and old-fashioned, if not the mold. Ams population can not afford a new bicycle shop for the soul? Not really! That’s because bike theft with “rule of thumb” is: should spend more money for the purchase than buying a bike lock. Another reason is because the end of the 2nd World War, the Germans stole the bikes they have at hand. These units exist in the traditional Amsterdam created “The older the better.” You own a very genuine mountain bike u? Be prepared it will “disappear” in less than 24g clock? Nor is it necessary, because the Netherlands has no mountains of the factors that make your terrain.

I also chose a piece, where the first few rounds bike signs three letter X. Like many newcomers, he initially thought that the symbol “sex” (amniotic fluid, then Amsterdam would not advertise in any industry where sex game?). Then know it is a sign of St. Andrew symbols, saint patron for Amsterdam. XXX represents three calamities that this city suffered for centuries: floods, disease and fire. Found it comes to XXX, also want to mention a dark space of Amsterdam always light: red light district, is considered the business of prostitution earliest professional world. The way this Zeedijk always bustling nightlife with bars and restaurants, a hallmark of the past is where the crew find fun.

If to the Netherlands that do not pass through the red light district, as you may to the Netherlands. Amsterdam Christmas Eve. 5pm everyone was scurrying home, preparing for a dinner with his family. All stores were hurried off and quick sale closes. The street that leads to the center are decorated simple but eye-catching, luscious unassuming but attractive enough steps away. 1do C with cold, snow covered, but not well enough to the business hands up skate park for those who love the feeling of gliding on a white background.

Go over the bridge across the river Amstel, hear the church bells rang out every last, easy to look up to the tree 30 meters high between the Dam Square, is difficult to say before I come back here or or not. But who knows, because people tend to look back … interesting things that Amsterdam is more than an interesting thing to remember.