It is interesting to travel Netherlands

Once arrived in the land of tulips and windmills, visitors will discover many interesting things.

Old village deep bass

Nestled in the Green River absently, under a canopy of ancient old houses are typical of ancient architecture in Western Europe, with towering windmills and tulip fields stretching endlessly romantic poetic form definition side of Holland. It was here that gave birth to the friendly people, hospitality and all the specialties as interesting cheese, wooden shoes, herring …

Herring dishes unique living

Visitors will certainly be very surprised to learn that eating herring life is both a culinary arts. Was carrying bicycle in pots are the nực fatty herring, fresh, to using two fingers. With only two sharp cut receding, the Dutch chef took two short pieces of fish fillet the breast, the tofu sour cream sauce and quickly through the slices of thin, pour into a meal with corn and black bread. Silver color of the fish flakes with spots of yellow corn and black bread plus sour sauce, the aroma of practice makes it hard to resist flavor with diners. Eating properly how the new Dutch children? Upending the head, for the mouth to enjoy all the delicious, greasy fish meat mixed with spices.

Vibrant street art

Street Art Holland is felt through accordeon solo tunes (violin style), duet or guitar tone barrel harmonica (mouth organ) of the active band of freedom. Although not a top performing arts but to bring the streets universal definition, the “meeting” of the festival and aesthetic significance for education. Between performers and audience can not distance, that is the ethos of street art. Not only singing and playing music, street art is very diverse with all magic, poetry readings, the people …

Delft Blue Pottery Painting art

During his culture, the artists paintings Delft Blue pottery is always maintaining a unique national identity. Delft Blue is exquisite works of ancient ceramic material dating from 16-17 century in the village of Delft, the Netherlands south with blue motifs (blue) and complex elaborated on the white ceramic use royal family. In that time, Blue was diluted DELF ceramic white tin (tin-glazing), but later added to the mixture of O-Nazi more shiny metal. Although over the years, Blue pottery DELF retains “the craft” its tradition, that is made entirely by hand. Firsthand the value and the noble art of “color” blue pattern on white ceramic truly understand the essence draws more than 500 years!

Rustic wooden clogs – clogs are both base and wooden handles

Interest to the rustic wooden shoes and shoe soles that both straps are wooden clogs from circumstances “that the difficulty emerging wisdom” of the Dutch. In ancient times, to protect against frost, the poor Dutch farmers have cut large pieces of wood, forming a base for sure, nose perked as the boat heels. In the heart of straw should go into the hooves more smoothly warms both feet. From wooden clogs that are widely circulated in the Netherlands. But rustic wooden shoes, simple but very good support people in everyday life, it helps them move more easily through the wet marshes, which pins they are not stepping on cow when the job milking cows … The wood clogs are usually chosen to play such as purple wood poplar, willow, ash …

Stringent criteria Netherlands

Everyone clear the Europeans in general and in particular the Netherlands are very strict and fastidious in matters of food safety, especially for milk – nutrients known in the Netherlands. Coming home to the Dutch Lady this time, we will better understand the quality management process globally closed “From green pastures to white milk glass”, which also saw the stringent standards applied from the input materials, production process to finished product quality output. All are standardized and based on strict management control system is encrypted (code) to help understand each Dutch Lady milk is delivered from any agent, packaged at the factory, production line any, from any milk tank farms, and even that, had a brain. It is also the reputation in the way of bringing safety and nutritional quality leading into Vietnam with Dutch Lady carry.

There are many interesting things to the Netherlands only if visitors can deeply felt as the bustling atmosphere of the cheese market with agility burden workers or young women dressed in traditional Dutch great courtesy to the system.