Maastricht University

Maastricht University is a prestigious university of the Netherlands and European style with the majority of international training programs in English. The school’s desire is to attract talented people and create opportunities and conditions for educational innovation and research to match the requirements of society, improve the value of the field.

Maastricht University has won fame in the world with a special approach: learning based on problem solving (Problem-Based Learning, PBL), students create truly independent, award strongly problem. PBL method guarantees a personal learning environment independent of the pitch relationship with the faculty teaching and research at all levels.

Maastricht University was established in 1976 with six main departments:

  • Department of Health, Medical and Life Sciences (Health, Medicine & Life Sciences)
  • Department of Psychology (Psychology)
  • Faculty of Economics & Business Administration held two prestigious EQUIS and AACSB accreditation (Economics & Business Administration – EQUIS and AACSB accredited)
  • Include the Law Faculty of Law European and International Law (Law – European and International Law)
  • Department of Culture and Social Sciences (Culture & Social Sciences)
  • Social Sciences (Humanities & Sciences), including Knowledge Engineering, Science University College Maastricht and Maastricht Graduate School of Governance

The University has around 12,000 students of which 28% are international students, about 3,500 employees of which 15% are foreigners. Current chairman of the school, Dr. Jo Ritzen former Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands and has served as Vice President of the Worl Bank.

The University has 17 bachelor courses, 43 postgraduate and 21 doctoral course. Most courses are taught entirely in English.

In Maastricht, students will be living in a safe city and the oldest in Europe, adjacent to Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, London and Berlin. The city is also famous by the Treaty of Maastricht (1992), marking the treaty forming the European Union.

Ratings and reviews

Maastricht University is ranked in the top 200 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education Supplement. In the mainstream charts in the Netherlands, universities Masstricht always in the top three leading schools. In 2005, the magazine Wirtschaftswoche (Business Week) of German listed Maastricht University in the top 10 leading European field assessment of the personnel directors of large companies in Germany in which the school ranked 8 .

Faculty of Economics & Business Administration for two reputed organizations on quality teaching Economics and Business Administration is AACSB and EQUIS accreditation and the school became one of the few schools in Europe were honored with certificates only this dual quality.

Career and your future

Graduated from University of Maastricht, you will have the opportunity to be highly recruited and sought after by many companies. The statistics show that college graduates meet Maastricht little difficulty in finding jobs after graduation.

According to a survey of graduate recruiters at the University of Maastricht clearly their attention to the personal skills and problem solving skills. In particular, the majority of employers (64%) familiar with the differences of the PBL approach. Most believe that the differences between graduates of Maastricht University and graduates from other schools are related to PBL. One recruiter described the graduates as follows Maastricht University (quoted): “Very sociable; very cooperative in working groups (actually a member of a workgroup, not ‘is a people in a group of people ‘; with the unanimity; there are many problem-solving skills are very good. “(by source: survey of employers, former students of Maastricht University Faculty of Economics and Management Business University of Maastricht, Research Centre for Education and Labour Market – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht University, January 2006).

Maastricht University actively assist students in preparing for a future career success in the Netherlands as well as in other countries in the world by providing all students in training requirements information, advice and guidance.

In addition, career services office at the University of Maastricht aims to link the center platform and collaboration with internal partners (faculty, alumni associations, academic associations, research) and external partners (companies and recruitment office) to help and employment counseling for students.


English conditions:

  • Undergraduate: IELTS 6.0
  • High school: IELTS 6.5
  • Estimated cost of living: Minimum € 500 / month or more

Funding :

The fee varies based on your nationality and course and level you sign up. Tuition for academic year 2006-2007 students in Vietnam as follows:

  • University: € 8.000/nam (except student University College Maastricht: € 2,400);
  • Master: € 11.500/nam

Tuition for 2007-2008 will by the Executive Board of Maastricht University and the decision will be announced on the website:

The costs associated with :

The other costs involved depend on your course. You may need to buy some books or documents as well as the cost of photocopying documents depending on the requirements of your course, usually you need about € 100 to € 600/nam.

Maastricht is a small city, most students walking or biking. Maastricht University has no campus for all students but the school can help students rent apartments around the school with rent of about € 300 – € 350/thang. The University also has a number of guest houses for rent to students, depending on the type of rent for single or double room with full kitchen and toilet, bathroom in the room or kitchen use, toilet and bathroom with price from € 10.5 to € 23/ngay night. In the guest house with wireless internet. Bring your own sheets and pillow covers to. Guest houses offer blankets, pillows and pillow covers for € 40/bo. Detailed information about guest houses available at:

The cost (estimated cost per month)

– Hiring of rooms: about € 300 – € 350 
– The personal cost: about € 210 – € 300 
– Materials: Approximately € 35 – € 50 
– Insurance: Approximately € 35 – € 50 Total cost: about € 580 – € 750

A. Degree

Bachelor Program Tuition Fee per year
Algemene gezondheidswetenschappen / Health Sciences Euro 8000
Cultuurwetenschappen / Arts and Culture Euro 8000
Econometrie and Operations Research Euro 8000
Economie – Infonomics Euro 8000
Economie – International Business Economics Euro 8000
European Law School Euro 8000
European Studies Euro 8000
Fiscal Economics Euro 8000
Fiscaal Recht / Tax Law Euro 8000
Geneeskunde / Medicine Euro 8000
International Business Euro 8000
Knowledge Engineering Euro 8000
Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen / Molecular Life Sciences Euro 8000
Recht Nederlands / Dutch Law Euro 8000
Psychologie / Psychology Euro 8000
University College Maastricht Euro 2400

Two. Master’s Program

  • Arts & Culture
  • Computer Sciences
  • Economics & Business
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Social & Political Sciences
  • Graduate Programmes for Professionals
Arts & Culture Tuition Fee per year
Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education (MA) / Cultuurbeleid,-en-behoud beheer 11 500 Euro
Media Culture (MA) 11 500 Euro
Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (MPhil) 11 500 Euro
European Programme on Society, Science and Technology (MA) 11 500 Euro
Arts and Sciences (MA) / Cultuur-en Wetenschapsstudies 11 500 Euro
Computer Sciences Tuition Fee
Knowledge Engineering (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Operations Research 11 500 Euro
Artificial Intelligence 11 500 Euro
Economics & Business Tuition Fee
Business Research (MPhil) 11 500 Euro
Econometrics and Operations Research (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Economic and Financial Research (MPhil) 11 500 Euro
Fiscale Economie / Fiscal Economics (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Infonomics (MSc) 11 500 Euro
International Business (MSc) 11 500 Euro
International Economic Studies (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Policy and Human Development (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Social Protection Financing (SPF) 11 500 Euro
Social Protection Policy (SPP) 11 500 Euro
International Business 11 500 Euro
Health and Life Sciences Tuition Fee
Mental Health Sciences (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Physical Activity and Health: Metabolism and Nutrition (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Physical Activity and Health: Physical Activity and Health (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Health: Epidemiology (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Health: Health Care Studies (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Health: Health Education and Promotion (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Health: Health Policy, Economics and Management (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Public Health: Work and Health (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Health Sciences Research Master (MPhil) 11 500 Euro
Bio-Informatics (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Clinical Molecular Sciences (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Bio-electronics and Nanotechnology (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Molecular Health Sciences (MSc) 11 500 Euro
Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine (MPhil) 11 500 Euro
Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist (only for Dutch Students) 11 500 Euro
Law Tuition Fee
Recht Nederlands / Dutch Law (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
European Law School (ELS) (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Fiscaal recht / Tax Law (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Globalisation and Law (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Law and Languages (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Recht, Arbeid en Gezondheid / Law, Labour and Health (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Rechtspleging / Legal Practice (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Ius Commune and Human Rights Research (MA / LLM) 11 500 Euro
Psychology Tuition Fee
Psychology 11 500 Euro
Biopsychology and Psychopathology 11 500 Euro


Maastricht University has several scholarships available to students as follows:

  • Full tuition for 3% of school students the best rates

Since 2007, 3% of school students the best annual performance will be reimbursed the full tuition for that year

  • Scholarship from the University of Maastricht for the citizens of the European Commonwealth

Maastricht University wishes to encourage young talent from non-Bloc countries plus the European Union to pursue Masters courses at the school should offer some partial scholarships and the total for this object.

  • Company Scholarship of the University of Maastricht

Maastricht University has a partnership with business and industry the Netherlands should have some capacity to provide scholarships to students who excelled. The students received this scholarship must observe and participate in activities in accordance with the type of scholarship and to provide information for the benefit of such activities.

  • 25-50% tuition scholarship

Maastricht University has a scholarship worth 25-50% of tuition for students registered through the exclusive representative of the school enrollment in Vietnam: SUNRISE VIETNAM for the 2007-2008 school year (enrollment period in September / 2007 & 1/2008)

Scholarships to the Dutch government and the University Maastricht (NFP)

A limited number of scholarships for students from 57 countries including Vietnam. Students can sign up for some training programs in the Department of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Management Maastricht (Maastricht Graduate School of Governance).

Details of scholarships can be found at the Dutch embassy or representative office for the Dutch government in the region or Nuffic (the Netherlands organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education)