Netherlands – Country of cheese

Referring to the Netherlands, one can not necessarily ignore a special world-renowned ancient land of tulips is cheese. Although very close near the culinary capital of the world but no Dutch culinary tradition as morning and afternoon centered around slice of bread and cheese. But this much cheese is enough to become an indispensable dish in the culinary culture of the people from Tulip country hundreds of years ago and was known everywhere that the Dutch merchants arrive .

To get the special flavor, fat and fed up, Dutch cheese made in traditional recipes. Cow’s milk is the main material to create a delicious cheese and are selected according to stringent standards. The Dutch are very focused on issues of food safety should not have milk full of nutrients but also must be clean and safe to the flavor of cheese, broken from the inside through the production process and save reserves. Initially, the milk is incubated until solidified and was separated completely with water. Then, the condensed milk is water washed to remove lactic acid and sweet cheese more help, then mixed with a dry yeast and incubated for 2 days to ferment.

This is an important stage because it helps shape the quality of the cheese pieces later. To prevent dehydration and to store cheese for long, they are covered with a thin waxy yellow (color characteristic of Gouda type), red (characteristic of …) or caramel sugar or calcium lactate crystals, tyrosine to hard cheese from drying out because of dehydration and also avoid harmful molds. Dutch cheese can be stored for a long time, depending on the type that can store several weeks, 6 months, 1 year and the longest is seven years. Depending on storage time as long as the hard cheese, as salt and more flavor additive enzyme that is always delicious.

Dutch cheese can be used in daily meals as an appetizer, dessert or served with fruit. Cheese can also be used for processing many different foods such as seafood, meats and eggs. Dutch Cheese provides many nutrients such as calcium, protein, fat, is a nutritious food and good health.