Other forms of life of international students

When abroad, about the housing is very important. Find the inn so that cost savings and convenience is the most urgent needs of students. Let’s see that made you like?

Division of house, there are many versions share the

Most of the students often choose to divide a house with Vietnam to ease in communication, especially during the early morning. They can find a 2.3 bedroom apartment and share a room each. The remaining utilities, such as living room, bathroom or kitchen will split time share. Chia apartment was much help relieve the financial pressure, but also if there is insufficient regional cultural differences and living habits such as bedtime, toilet rooms (common rooms) purchase of appliances … If share house with friends when I was in choir from Vietnam, about sharing housework as difficult as it may easily lead to more pestering one another. Forms are also divided house with fellow teachers are not supported by this will severely limit the ability to integrate with native language. The teacher Marie-Claude (IUT de Besancon, France) did not promote the general story of the house divided French student participation Erasmus exchange program in the Netherlands.

Indeed, living with friends abroad will give you the opportunity to become familiar with other cultures quickly than any class in any explicit manner. If you divide a house with Vietnam, you’d never know the customs and leave your shoes at the door waiting for dawn to 6:12 presents “sweet” (candy / fruit) from St. Nicholas. The two share a Romanian girl and Mexico also gave Minh Trang (Vietnamese students in the Netherlands) a lot of experience cooking such as baking pancakes, mixed chocolate marshmallow sauce. Best of all you will be using every day language, not just wait for hours in class or to meet the natives. However, the risk of culture shock is one of the students hesitated to share home with international friends.

Dormitory is also an option

In some countries, the hostel also applied to form the mixed division students do not know each other before. National The (international students in Turkey) in the exchange period at The Hague University of Applied Sciences has been ranked at lucky with an easy-going fellow Portuguese. Even though there is “common touch” each other all utilities (both share a large room including kitchen, study area, two bed) but still beyond the cultural differences easily. If you choose to share the forms with two private rooms with private entrance, you will have to pay higher fees.

In the dorm, you have many choices of sizes and rates. The dormitory for two people or a couple of men and women are called apartments. Usually when referring to the dorm, people still think of 9m2 single room for one person, called a chambre (room). The only area of 9m2, but still be reasonable to design almost all basic utilities needed for students: bed, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf, refrigerator. Will usually have the option for you, corresponding to each separate price as traditional rooms will only sink (you have to share bathroom and toilet in a separate area) or the new changing rooms and bathrooms will be completely separate toilet. The hostel is the optimal choice for new students to as the procedures are not cumbersome, and you may get acquainted with new people who live in the same floor. Campus concentrated near schools, libraries, sports, theater of the … However, in France is not easy to get a place in a hostel if you do not have scholarships or student is a extremely lucky. You must be registered by Crous (Crous have multiple versions for each city) to get into in a hostel for the new school year from February, March.

Homestay, happy dream house where the West

Dreams always beautiful and the fact that … in the following will clear! Levi, (international students in Nantes, France) has spent the homestay “hell” because at last to have to live with a difficult landlady, miserliness. There are late nights studying, her right arm off master bedroom lamp flashed Vi, or bathing more than 20 minutes will be beating the bathroom door. Past frustrations, Vi has suitcase out of the house on the night.

Still the students lucky enough to live with host family friendly, they care as children in the house. This you can not be verified before leaving to study abroad, but you absolutely can ask friends and acquaintances to meet landlord to find out before arriving. Moreover, you also can fully decide to stay or go when you feel your environment with. But the truth is only suitable model homestay student exchange with the school system or first-year students. Homestay story just really comfortable, you do not have much contact with the owner.