Rotterdam business University

Public University of Rotterdam – located in Rotterdam, the world’s largest port, famous for courses in business administration programs: preparatory, college, masters, and the forward key.

Foundation Courses in Business Administration (International Pre-IBMS)
+ 6-month preparatory course includes: Intensive English (2 months) and a general introduction course on business administration. 
+ Requirements: high school diploma + a quite a good level; IELTS 5.5. 
+ Starting date: February each year. Deadline in November. 
– Fee: € 3,000

Degree course in international business management (IBMS) 4 years
• Students have the opportunity to learn 1 or 2 years at European universities in the learning process to obtain dual degrees. 
• After the first year, Students will specialize in one of the following areas:

A. Marketing Management: Two students have the opportunity to choose from:
– European Business Programme (EBP): 2-year swap with a European university for a degree marks. 
– Talking to the University of U.S. or Canada in year 3.

Two. Logistics management: opportunities for student choice:
– Term of 3rd year in a British or German 
– Semester Two of Year 4 in the U.S.

3. Accounting and Finance: the opportunity to choose
– Talking with universities in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Switzerland. 
– Talking to the universities of the United States or Canada in the first year 3. 
• Tuition fees: € 4,000 
estimated living costs for students in exchange programs (including accommodation, food, books, insurance and pocket money): 
– Europe: 500 € / month 
– U.S. and Canada: 750 € / month 
• Starting date: September every year. May Deadline for course T9. 
• Requirements: high school diploma, and have learned quite a problem of economics; TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0.

University transfer course (18-24 months) received a Bachelor of Business Administration
requirements: IELTS 6.0, college graduate in business administration or a bachelor’s degree disciplines and have a year experience engaged in the business. 
first six months students will learn business English and business administration at higher levels. The next 12 months is the final year of the program International Business Management IBMS.

Funding 18 months (Euro) 
– 6 months Tuition: € 3000 
– Internship (4 months): € 2,000 
– 12 months Tuition: € 4,000

Masters Course (1 year): Finance and Accounting; and Business Advisor; Logistics Management
IELTS 6.5 +; GMAT 500 (Students who do not meet requirements in English and GMAT may follow Pre-school masters course in February every year, IELTS 6.0 required for undertaking IBMS). 
+ Bachelors related subjects. 
Tuition fee: 
+ Pre-Masters (6 months): € 3000 
+ Courses Masters: (Include as library, computers, school books): 8000 €

Deadline for the course before May T9; before December for the T3 course

** The above costs are only for reference

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