Scholarship food industry in the Netherlands

A national leader leading the food industry, agriculture, the Netherlands is truly the ideal destination for learning, technology research, technological development in sectors this.

Food technology – a key sector of the Dutch economy

The Netherlands is the only country in the world is necessarily a Valley Food (Food Valley). This is where the focus of the leading research institutions in the field of agricultural products, nutrition, health, and covers life sciences and genomics. Also, this is also where more than 100 enterprises have set food product development department, launched nutritional products meet international standards of quality, safety and nutritional . Thanks to this serious investment that the food industry in the Netherlands has actually become a “bright spot” of the country’s economy, especially when it is capable of combination, support the agricultural sector, as well is a key sector of the Netherlands is very good. For example, thanks to this combination that the Dutch are known throughout the world dairy industry and dairy, processed cheese on a large scale.

Ideal to study food technology in the Netherlands.

With a background in food technology are so strong, learning and research in this sector is well developed in the Netherlands, can be considered as the best training program in the world. Food technology in the Netherlands, students not only equipped with knowledge of quality, product processing, market research, but also a better understanding of quality management, trend analysis of nutrients, flavor the current worldwide … Some industries in this group include: Food Technology, Nutrition and Health, develop food management, food safety … In addition to class time, students can to file comments, practice at many companies in food processing in the Netherlands, of which the company known as FrieslandCampina, HAFCO … Most bachelor’s and master’s degrees and doctorates are used 100% English UK.

Diversity Scholarship food industry.

Owns a very strong university food technology, as well as many multinational companies specializing in food, the Netherlands is focused on investment in training human resources specialized in this. Therefore, the scholarship of the food industry is quite diverse sources: from the government, from schools, from large companies about food … Currently, the scholarship and popular of the industry’s most valuable can refer to: Scholarships NFP full of Dutch government, university scholarships of Van Hall Larenstein 15 students for outstanding value of 4500 euros / year for the past 4 years bachelor degree scholarships University of Groningen covers all academic expenses, accommodation and travel for the duration of a master …