Study in Holland: Living with natives

Study in the choice of many teenagers today. But many still can not help wonder you live? Dormitory-house-rent or friend living with indigenous people? Hint is: if you have confidence conditions and can live independent lives homestay is a great choice here

Hone language skills

Although there is a foreign language well, but many teenagers still in shock when entering this new environment. One can not deny that living together is a native language skills will increase dramatically, especially listening skills here. Some time living with them, you can say “birds” for that view. They are willing to correct the pronunciation, words and show you the idiom which they often use that you have not heard before. The most rapid method of practicing your language skills. Many students said: “Most over here we’d live with native speakers, they are very friendly and easy to close again. They are very willing to correct pronunciation, and we’d teach lots of English sentences by native speakers. Choose to live with indigenous people are really useful for everybody who want to practice language skills that! ”

Broaden their understanding of culture

With the teen with a passion to learn customs and culture of the country you are struggling with the choice to live with indigenous people is also very helpful. That is the quickest way to absorb your culture of this country. Life of their daily activities will help you understand part of the style and culture. The last meal of the week is the time for you to acquire it here. Let them cook the traditional dishes and listen to interesting stories or the same day they celebrate the festival of the year. It is learning, learning culture is a very cost effective. Minh Thu – He told students: “On weekends, I still often with everyone in her family Rebecca cook traditional dishes such as Fish & Chips … very interesting! Not only learned how to cook but I also hear stories about the culture and customs of them anymore! ”

Share, learn from experience

On first arriving in a strange land. Sure unfamiliarity, not familiar with customs is inevitable. What a pity if we do not know where to go and what to do in his spare time. Living with native speakers, your life experience also increased significantly. From the shopping, dining for up to a bargain. The valuable advice of an experienced native speaker will help you. You are not struggling when armed with a map to find a coffee shop or a gourmet delights. It had all been directed hearted fellow natives live. Minh Ha – a cheerful student said: “Back in Vietnam, shopping with my mother, that her mother paid them any mind how his mind. Yet from birth uncle John lives with his family, it is not a problem anymore. Once the legs they go shopping, I’ve learned a valuable experience to bargain much. ”

There is a new family

Away from home – an obsession caused much sorrow for the teen not to do them yourself? Why do not you try to live with the natives. Life with them will make you feel like you’re having a second family here. Because of their lifestyle quite friendly and approachable, willing to share their problems with you. And once they decided to students living together, they were very close then. The main reason this will help calm the teen portion of homesickness and the happier when I have added a second family! Many students said: “When I left home, we’d miss home, remember Vietnam are dead, are more at home crying call fart stab. Yet, a month after living with indigenous people, we have to have a different feeling. A second family, and loved nostalgia and people. ”

Make friends with international students quickly

In addition to meeting friends from other countries in school. Native life and will help you make friends with international students quickly. Perhaps because of the indigenous nature quite friendly and approachable so they are willing to introduce you to some neighbors and other friends. It’s interesting to have an outdoor picnic or a party exchanges between the countries you come from, right? Indigenous families will help you do it. Especially with you a bit conservative. Once you have decided to live with indigenous people to study when you need to reference the information from the schools you will study the light. Usually there are two choices to live with the natives.

Standard Homestay

  • – Compatibility with large pupils, confidence can live relatively independent, but still care in an environment of close family
  • – Select a single room or sharing rooms
  • – Bedrooms have desks are equipped
  • – Two meals per day, seven days a week
  • – To use the phone

Homestay Plus

  • – Provide support and supervision at a higher rate for younger students
  • – Required for students under 16 years
  • – Select a single room or sharing rooms
  • – Bedrooms have desks are equipped
  • – Two meals per day, seven days a week
  • – To use the phone
  • – Beds and pillows are all host family provides full, you only need to bring their own towels.

Pretty nifty, right? If you think this problem is to immediately start working to go offline to find out!