Study in Holland – Low cost high quality

If you want to choose a study program in English but afraid of high costs in the UK, the Netherlands is truly an ideal choice to enjoy education in English with high quality and cost low cost.

Low Cost

Tuition at the University of the Netherlands  between 1200-1500 £ / year for European students of mass less than 30 years, while tuition fees in England is £ 3200. Students under 30 years old master also pay such fees, lower than the study in the UK. In addition, the Government and many large funds also pay for student loans and scholarships. Thomas Kramer, a German student said: “I save 20% when studied in the Netherlands than in England!” Dr. Jo Ritzen, President of Maastricht University, said students will be better and cheaper education more than half in England, the Master’s program even more valuable.

Besides tuition, living expenses in the Netherlands is also low, about £ 500 / month. According Reslow Natasja, a graduate student housing and the cost of goods are cheaper in the Netherlands, whether you live in cities or rural areas have been the cheap rent.

High Quality – Direction wide

A more important reason to choose the Netherlands as teaching methods and curriculum brings highly applicable. The school used training method based on the issues, encourage students to pose problems, presentations, research and teamwork. Thus, students with a variety of views, balance, especially when they often study together with students from over 50 countries worldwide. This is why employers often prefer the Dutch students. In contrast, many universities in the UK still use large classrooms east of students, school students usually passive, less talk to scholars by the teacher of this class is a Ph.D. student.

It is said that many schools in the Netherlands does not have block groups (teams) students, and many other facilities that you find in the UK but in return, many cities of the Netherlands is the type you see optical metropolitan scene, while the industrial city of England will have little more scenes. Moreover, in the Netherlands, you can even German sausages fried on the sidewalk, watching the quiet suburbs with the same message hills and ancient villages in the conditions.

The Dutch students tend to be different. Ariane Sketcher, 21, grew up in Germany, said she saw more and different broadening the study in the Netherlands. Julie Martin, a 28 year old Irish student, I should share the students to study in the Netherlands to expand the vision for education in this method is that you sit down and talk with many people from many different cultures to better understand the world. Glenn Borrett, who received in the UK and is a second degree in the Netherlands adds: “I will not have debt while studying in the Netherlands, I have a job at school and many other students too. Very easy to live in the Netherlands, social life and sports are good “.