TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language ) is a standardized test capable of assessing the English proficiency of those who use this language as a foreign language in an academic environment, for example, in universities and colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

This exam is conducted by ETS ( Educational Testing Service ), an organization development professional tests in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Unlike paper-based TOEFL (Paper-Based Test) and on the computer (Computer-Based Test), TOEFL iBTSpeaking check. TS will wear headphones and speak into the microphone. Voice signal is converted into digital form and transmitted over the Internet on the ETS scoring system. TOEFL iBT exam no grammar.Grammar will be considered as TS said, writing.

The skills test each part of the exercise of independence and exercises combined with other skills. For example, in the article, Dr. heard a number of questions and read a paragraph to write essays. In the speaking test, TS must read, listen to, then answer questions. Thus, the TS must coordinate many different skills to do.This measure of ETS is limited by weaknesses of the old exam (TS may score high but still difficult to study because the combination of key skills). Time for the TOEFL iBT is 4 hours (more than 1 hour compared with paper-based test). Scale of 0-120. To better implement, TS need skill to use computers, especially typing, composing text.

The internet-based TOEFL (TOEFL IBT)

The TOEFL iBT ( Internet-based Test ) tests all four language skills: Listening (Listening) , speaking(Speaking) , Reading (Reading) , Writing (Writing) with total length is 4 hours (of which 10 minute break between the hours of listening). The contents of the exam along with some questions and the time allocated as follows:




Number of questions



· 3-5 paragraphs


60-100 minutes


· Dialog 2-3 
· 4-6 lecture sections (some workshops in the classroom)


60-90 minutes


10 minutes


· 2-independent part (present ideas on a familiar theme) 
· 4 section integrated skills (speech-based content has been listening and reading )


20 minutes


· An integrated part of writing skills (writing based on the contents have been listening and reading ) 
· an independent part writing (express views on a topic)


50 minutes

TOEFL iBT TOEFL test is a new version of the application of high speed Internet technology to test skills using academic English, the Institute of Educational Testing Service (ETS) was first launched in the U.S. in September / 2005, followed by Canada, France, Germany, Italy … far more than 70,000 organizations ETS TOEFL round the world. In early 2006, the company appointed ETS IIG Vietnam as exclusive representative of the TOEFL iBT in Vietnam.