Travel Holland: The old architecture of Holland

Indispensable activity of most travelers to the capital Amsterdam is traveling by boat to slowly enjoy the gentle beauty shows, classic architecture has two buildings on the river. The front of the building where the style is very unique and unusual design style of the period of Renaissance culture. The building facade is shaped mountain architecture typical of the capital Amsterdam. Look at the beautiful model, one can guess what the hobby as well as the status of home owners. The old houses here carry more luxurious style, different magnificent. They are usually built of red brick and tan two kinds, especially the no balcony. Netherlands attached great importance to conservation of ancient buildings.

Travel Holland: The old architecture in Netherlands

Each house, each design will bring beauty, the story and the meaning of the different historical periods. There is a strange thing is that in some old houses, seem even smaller door window. Previously, the state employees do not have time to measure each taxable property to the city government should collect taxes according to regulations of the door area. So, people are building a very small door. Return to home ventilation, they built several large windows. Over time, how to build the house has become a tradition in the Netherlands.

Also, the windows of the houses are not pulling curtains. This is partly due to historical factors and geography.
In geography, in the Netherlands has more than 200 days in the sun. So they opened the window to let the sun shine into the house. Christians have a habit of frequent prayer chapel. There are Christians that have not gone to church, they can pray at home by expanding the window and curtains pulled.

Cow’s milk has become a specialty of the Netherlands. Thanks meets natural elements, grass seed, cattle and a cow good care that the Dutch cow is considered the best in the world. Dairy cows of the Dutch cotton is strong, but more delicious milk. The Dutch used to drink milk instead of water in the morning. Cow’s milk is sweet and nutritious drink is good for human health. In many other countries, the purchase of milk for drinking family members often have to spend a large amount. But in Holland, a higher milk price drinks such as how. In addition to fresh milk in the Netherlands there are many delicious products from cow’s milk are many domestic and international travelers preferred.

Come to the miniature city Madurodam in The Hague, you only take one day being able to discover the beauty the interesting things about Holland. Most of the country landscape in the Netherlands have been reproduced in this small city. This is where the fun is child favorite. Madurodam miniature city is famous open to guests all year round. The building was built here in great detail the ratio of 1:25 and placed in a beautiful garden. Located in the southwest of Holland, Rotterdam city exuding the beauty of harmony between tradition and modernity. Rotterdam is considered the symbol of creative, modern and dynamic for its unique modern architecture, fancy. One of the architectural form more tourists in the country and internationally chisel praise is building a cube with tilted walls and windows also tilt. The house is named in a list of 10 houses the world’s most bizarre.