University of International Business Management HBO

The Netherlands is one of the country to prosper in Europe thanks to revenues from industrial, agricultural and natural gas. Moreover, this is also a country of tourism with many famous Rijks Museum, Vincent van Gogh, a country of ancient palaces and charming flowers: tulips, daffodils, flowers, incense stomach … All both have made to attract visitors worldwide. Amsterdam and The Hague are the two major political and economic capital of the most exciting of the Netherlands.

II. About the school

HBO School ranked in the top of a large private university in the Netherlands, with its head office in Arnhem. HBO currently training over 3,000 students at eight facilities, including 4 branches receive training international students in: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, Rotterdam. The University offers many programs for students ranging from pre-university, university to transition programs. The school has modern equipment, better service for learning and student research. You can feel secure while learning at HBO because of the quality of training of the Dutch government has always been control.

The advantage in school when HBO

• The attractive programs, field trips are at large companies. 
• Housing facilities at low cost 
• Be highly qualified teachers and teaching experience 
• Degree and is a valuable recognized 
• Finishing a preparatory year you can be forwarded to any university of the Netherlands.


A. English Foundation Programme

For students preparing to enter college course outline. There are courses preparatory English from 6 months to 1 year.

The course Requirements Cost
Subs 6 months TNPT, IELTS 5.0 or equivalent € 7,500 (Meals at about € 2000)
Pre 12 TNPT, IELTS 4.5 or equivalent € 9400

These expenses include tuition, accommodation (2 students per room), health insurance, residence cards, documents, books, internet.

Two. Degree (3 years)

2.1 General Training (1 year)

Students will learn theoretical subjects Marketing, Management, Financial Management and Informatics. Total cost around € 9,400 / year. 
Requirements: TNPT, IELTS: 6.0

2.2 depth training (2 years)

Students will focus on training courses: Business English, Microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, financial accounting, cost accounting, Administrative and Economic Law. 
Requirements: TNPT, good English, IELTS 6.0 or later.

** The above costs are only for reference

Please contact the official representative of the field in Vietnam to be interviewed in person and receive :

  • Registration form for the program
  • About the program and the subject-specific
  • The application form for student visa
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