Visit the village has no roads in the Netherlands

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax, then a small village named Giethoorn is an ideal place for you. The village is unique in the Netherlands province of Overijssel. Founded by a group of fugitives from the Mediterranean region around 1230 AD, Giethoorn only really became famous in 1958 when it appeared in the film’s Fanfare Dutch filmmaker – Bert Haanstra .

Giethoorn can be regarded as a peaceful village, the world’s most romantic because it stands completely on water, no roads. The only means of transport for locals and tourists come to this romantic land waterway traffic. This is clearly the possibility of “water treatment” of the Dutch famous thanks to the experience accumulated hundreds of years in water management. Want to visit a picturesque scene of Giethoorn with houses with reed roofs, you can paddle along the canal or walk through the wooden arch bridge.

Giethoorn is known as the Venice of the Netherlands, This is a great place tourists. Not roofed with tile roof, coming to Giethoorn, you will not hear the engine or honking jangling, and villagers also travel by boat, vehicles are to the outside. Colorful festivals Netherlands, if there is no Tulip Amsterdam, a capital of bicycle. The Dutch and The Netherlands will support export business … Posts by Dutch is great Mystery if there is no Tulip Amsterdam, 83% of students are unhappy about the communication scholarship in the Netherlands by handwriting.