Alkmaar interesting tourist destination in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands : Alkmaar is a municipality in the province of Noord Holland Netherlands . Place this world-famous by the traditional cheese market, creating a unique culture. Alkmaar has many large buildings built in medieval architecture. One of the most prominent building is the tower Grote Sint-Laurenskerk, which are usually chosen to organize the solemn ceremony.

Coming to Alkmaar – Netherlands, visitors can not miss visit Alkmaar cheese market – one of the attractive tourist destinations of the country the Netherlands. Cheese market traditionally takes place on the 6th day of April first and ending on the 6th day of September first. 6 in the morning (from 10 hours – 12 hours 30), after the fashion show stock, traders and porters cheese guy out points in the weight and balance forms cheese. The pretty girl dressed in traditional Dutch show smiling tourists cheese products with local characteristics.

Cheese traditionally made cheese brand is well-known Dutch Edam and Gouda cheese. Guests can not buy cheese at the Alkmaar cheese market, because this is only meeting with cheese display as the unique culture of local people. However, visitors can still buy all kinds of cheese and other products sales counters located around the Alkmaar cheese market. Besides, tourists can admire the colorful tulip fields and windmills famous in Alkmaar.

Travel Holland: The old architecture of Holland

Indispensable activity of most travelers to the capital Amsterdam is traveling by boat to slowly enjoy the gentle beauty shows, classic architecture has two buildings on the river. The front of the building where the style is very unique and unusual design style of the period of Renaissance culture. The building facade is shaped mountain architecture typical of the capital Amsterdam. Look at the beautiful model, one can guess what the hobby as well as the status of home owners. The old houses here carry more luxurious style, different magnificent. They are usually built of red brick and tan two kinds, especially the no balcony. Netherlands attached great importance to conservation of ancient buildings.

Travel Holland: The old architecture in Netherlands

Each house, each design will bring beauty, the story and the meaning of the different historical periods. There is a strange thing is that in some old houses, seem even smaller door window. Previously, the state employees do not have time to measure each taxable property to the city government should collect taxes according to regulations of the door area. So, people are building a very small door. Return to home ventilation, they built several large windows. Over time, how to build the house has become a tradition in the Netherlands.

Also, the windows of the houses are not pulling curtains. This is partly due to historical factors and geography.
In geography, in the Netherlands has more than 200 days in the sun. So they opened the window to let the sun shine into the house. Christians have a habit of frequent prayer chapel. There are Christians that have not gone to church, they can pray at home by expanding the window and curtains pulled.

Cow’s milk has become a specialty of the Netherlands. Thanks meets natural elements, grass seed, cattle and a cow good care that the Dutch cow is considered the best in the world. Dairy cows of the Dutch cotton is strong, but more delicious milk. The Dutch used to drink milk instead of water in the morning. Cow’s milk is sweet and nutritious drink is good for human health. In many other countries, the purchase of milk for drinking family members often have to spend a large amount. But in Holland, a higher milk price drinks such as how. In addition to fresh milk in the Netherlands there are many delicious products from cow’s milk are many domestic and international travelers preferred.

Come to the miniature city Madurodam in The Hague, you only take one day being able to discover the beauty the interesting things about Holland. Most of the country landscape in the Netherlands have been reproduced in this small city. This is where the fun is child favorite. Madurodam miniature city is famous open to guests all year round. The building was built here in great detail the ratio of 1:25 and placed in a beautiful garden. Located in the southwest of Holland, Rotterdam city exuding the beauty of harmony between tradition and modernity. Rotterdam is considered the symbol of creative, modern and dynamic for its unique modern architecture, fancy. One of the architectural form more tourists in the country and internationally chisel praise is building a cube with tilted walls and windows also tilt. The house is named in a list of 10 houses the world’s most bizarre.

It is interesting to travel Netherlands

Once arrived in the land of tulips and windmills, visitors will discover many interesting things.

Old village deep bass

Nestled in the Green River absently, under a canopy of ancient old houses are typical of ancient architecture in Western Europe, with towering windmills and tulip fields stretching endlessly romantic poetic form definition side of Holland. It was here that gave birth to the friendly people, hospitality and all the specialties as interesting cheese, wooden shoes, herring …

Herring dishes unique living

Visitors will certainly be very surprised to learn that eating herring life is both a culinary arts. Was carrying bicycle in pots are the nực fatty herring, fresh, to using two fingers. With only two sharp cut receding, the Dutch chef took two short pieces of fish fillet the breast, the tofu sour cream sauce and quickly through the slices of thin, pour into a meal with corn and black bread. Silver color of the fish flakes with spots of yellow corn and black bread plus sour sauce, the aroma of practice makes it hard to resist flavor with diners. Eating properly how the new Dutch children? Upending the head, for the mouth to enjoy all the delicious, greasy fish meat mixed with spices.

Vibrant street art

Street Art Holland is felt through accordeon solo tunes (violin style), duet or guitar tone barrel harmonica (mouth organ) of the active band of freedom. Although not a top performing arts but to bring the streets universal definition, the “meeting” of the festival and aesthetic significance for education. Between performers and audience can not distance, that is the ethos of street art. Not only singing and playing music, street art is very diverse with all magic, poetry readings, the people …

Delft Blue Pottery Painting art

During his culture, the artists paintings Delft Blue pottery is always maintaining a unique national identity. Delft Blue is exquisite works of ancient ceramic material dating from 16-17 century in the village of Delft, the Netherlands south with blue motifs (blue) and complex elaborated on the white ceramic use royal family. In that time, Blue was diluted DELF ceramic white tin (tin-glazing), but later added to the mixture of O-Nazi more shiny metal. Although over the years, Blue pottery DELF retains “the craft” its tradition, that is made entirely by hand. Firsthand the value and the noble art of “color” blue pattern on white ceramic truly understand the essence draws more than 500 years!

Rustic wooden clogs – clogs are both base and wooden handles

Interest to the rustic wooden shoes and shoe soles that both straps are wooden clogs from circumstances “that the difficulty emerging wisdom” of the Dutch. In ancient times, to protect against frost, the poor Dutch farmers have cut large pieces of wood, forming a base for sure, nose perked as the boat heels. In the heart of straw should go into the hooves more smoothly warms both feet. From wooden clogs that are widely circulated in the Netherlands. But rustic wooden shoes, simple but very good support people in everyday life, it helps them move more easily through the wet marshes, which pins they are not stepping on cow when the job milking cows … The wood clogs are usually chosen to play such as purple wood poplar, willow, ash …

Stringent criteria Netherlands

Everyone clear the Europeans in general and in particular the Netherlands are very strict and fastidious in matters of food safety, especially for milk – nutrients known in the Netherlands. Coming home to the Dutch Lady this time, we will better understand the quality management process globally closed “From green pastures to white milk glass”, which also saw the stringent standards applied from the input materials, production process to finished product quality output. All are standardized and based on strict management control system is encrypted (code) to help understand each Dutch Lady milk is delivered from any agent, packaged at the factory, production line any, from any milk tank farms, and even that, had a brain. It is also the reputation in the way of bringing safety and nutritional quality leading into Vietnam with Dutch Lady carry.

There are many interesting things to the Netherlands only if visitors can deeply felt as the bustling atmosphere of the cheese market with agility burden workers or young women dressed in traditional Dutch great courtesy to the system.

Delft, the beauty of a life the old Dutch

Sitting on the train from Amsterdam to Delft, we watch the lively Dutch countryside in a sunny morning in May. Sky, ground, space carries fresh colors. At the same green grass, the garden plum, apple filling results emerge purple, red berry stretch …

Where there are canals filled with lilies – Delft ancient

Before coming to Delft Surely, many people envision the scene here through the paintings of Vermeer, one of the greatest Dutch painter who lived in the seventeenth century. His short life associated with this beautiful little city. Delft quiet life, but life is the greatest inspiration of the artist. Vermeer’s most famous picture The girl with the pearl earrings and paintings of Dutch women. The light in his paintings so special. People with normal jobs every day in the bright light, gentle, became appealing.

The beauty of the moment life painters often express exquisite and perfect. Vermeer’s house (now a museum about him) characterize the type of old houses in Delft: two-story brick building is the end of a street that runs along the blue channel. In addition to the works of Vermeer, a lot of information, images of Delft life of his day are also displayed.

A famous painting by Vermeer

Urban population lives more than four centuries ago is a lively tourist front. The artist has a lot of windows, looking out the town a lively area with towering church towers and bustling squares across the canal. Many of the channels in this release gun cotton leaf surface greening. Last spring, the gun just a few flowers bloom sporadically but in summer, when the purple flowers overpowers the green of the leaves. In addition, the thin dust off a bright red flowers, orange roses on either side along the canal on the brilliant.

The lily canal

Stand in any corner of town visitors also admire a wonderful landscape: the white painted bridge across a stream channel flowing north, the red tile roof blocks fresh orange sky in the inshore cage, a few brick buildings, turned dark brown moss as a reminder that this beautiful city has nearly five thousand years old. Ten thousand people of this city was built in 1100 and the rapid development in the thirteenth century – XVI opening trade with other places. From the fifteenth century, the city government had to dig the ditch to the river Maas and set Delfshaven harbor.

A port corner Delfshaven

Today, Delft tourism development through the beautiful old town and the distinctive architecture as the church system, public squares, city gate. The central area of the city Delft is small, including narrow streets always full of pedestrians. Sights are our first Nieuwe Kerk church with the tower as high as 108.75 m, the second highest in the Netherlands. From atop the tower panoramic city and the distant suburbs also worthwhile to climb hundreds of stairs. Within the church there are many tombs of the Dutch royal family members. This royal tomb which is open for visitors to visit. With the green grass to be cut carefully, flowers blooming everywhere, “royal cemetery” is truly a beautiful garden, full of life.

City of antiques

In the past, a place once famous Delft ceramic production with hundreds of factories in the heyday. Today only the royal pottery Porceleyne fles (built from the mid seventeenth century) is still in business, mainly for tourism. Here, visitors can observe artisans passion for decorating details, subtle patterns on the lovely memento. All ceramic products are painted using white enamel blue very specific pattern.

Although small, Delft still boasts a large number of museums. It has many interesting museums, most of which are ancient houses built in traditional architectural style. Lambert Van Meerten open to visitors on tour since 1909 is one of the most famous museums.

Museum Lambert van Meerten

The name of this place is named after the son of a wealthy Delft, hobbyists and craft collectibles, artwork, antiques. Currently, he treasures are on display here. We are attracted to the glass collection, objects made from silver and wood, especially the collection of rich art. Part history, the ancient life of the Netherlands and Europe is evident in our imagination through the vivid picture, the items are arranged skillfully. The weapons of the knights, medieval knights are also many people nostalgic for a long gaze.

But the level of attraction of this museum is not comparable to the Nusantara Museum, which showcases a lot of beautiful ethnic costumes, vibrant colors and the objects manipulated by the tribes from the East India. In addition, there will also display a lot of percussion instruments and unique.

Military Museum in the Netherlands, the image of the war, uniforms, weapons, special jeep … attract visitors of men. After more than half a day immersed with antique Delft, the Netherlands general union friend suggested we come to Rotterdam which was just a half hour on a train for modern Dutch. Be added that there is a village near Rotterdam neck kept the oldest windmills in this country, we eagerly hit the road.

Rotterdam with windmills – The building’s famous pencil Rotterdam

We ship to the port city of Rotterdam – foreign trade center in the Netherlands. The city was pretty much destroyed in World War II, the buildings from century XIV, XV is not much. Features of Rotterdam is the modern architecture buildings such as the pencil, and the court Euromast rubic cubes – one of the world’s tallest tower …

I prefer separate residential areas, where the building is located between large green garden, planting flowers, more small streams in the clear, still water surface in shadow blue sky, white clouds. A great pride of local people as Erasmus, the asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge connecting East and West parts of the city. Look away, the bridge looks elegant white swan like the wings of Nieuwe Maas river crossing.

Erasmus Bridge in sunset

Near the bridge is Spido pier where yachts to serve tourists visiting many different routes. Shortest trip only lasted about 70 minutes, passing under the bridge to watch the Rotterdam Erasmus world’s second largest, while the longest was the day trip to visit Europoort port details, the Kinderdijk windmills …

To save money, we do not go sailing, but taking the bus to Kinderdijk – a village on the outskirts, the center of Rotterdam 15 kilometers. This is the lowest compared to sea level in the Netherlands it is also home to the famous windmills are made from very early 1400s.

The village of Kinderdijk windmills in tours of duty derived from land drainage Alblasserwaard sea, after which the water is led into the Lek River. Features of the windmills at Kinderdijk is a mushroom, body is constructed of brick and giant blades made of wood. The mortar is thatch roof, attached to blades of a windmill, which can be arranged according to different wind directions.

The village of Kinderdijk windmills – Old church in Rotterdam

Residents to live in this region from the eleventh century. They have renovated peat, expanding the area for planting by digging ditches, digging canals, windmills used his big water discharged into rivers around the region. Today, the work of the windmills have been replaced by a modern pumping station. The windmill still spinning, but basically for the beauty of scenery, tourism: Visitors can go inside to visit the mill bedroom and kitchen of the people who work here, can climb the ladder to take the roof with small and narrow. If the windmill says the creativity and energy of the people, the landscape of Holland Kinderdijk is picture perfect countryside of this country. It’s simple wooden houses on the smooth green pastures in a quiet space and fresh …

Visit the village has no roads in the Netherlands

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax, then a small village named Giethoorn is an ideal place for you. The village is unique in the Netherlands province of Overijssel. Founded by a group of fugitives from the Mediterranean region around 1230 AD, Giethoorn only really became famous in 1958 when it appeared in the film’s Fanfare Dutch filmmaker – Bert Haanstra .

Giethoorn can be regarded as a peaceful village, the world’s most romantic because it stands completely on water, no roads. The only means of transport for locals and tourists come to this romantic land waterway traffic. This is clearly the possibility of “water treatment” of the Dutch famous thanks to the experience accumulated hundreds of years in water management. Want to visit a picturesque scene of Giethoorn with houses with reed roofs, you can paddle along the canal or walk through the wooden arch bridge.

Giethoorn is known as the Venice of the Netherlands, This is a great place tourists. Not roofed with tile roof, coming to Giethoorn, you will not hear the engine or honking jangling, and villagers also travel by boat, vehicles are to the outside. Colorful festivals Netherlands, if there is no Tulip Amsterdam, a capital of bicycle. The Dutch and The Netherlands will support export business … Posts by Dutch is great Mystery if there is no Tulip Amsterdam, 83% of students are unhappy about the communication scholarship in the Netherlands by handwriting.

Netherlands – Country of cheese

Referring to the Netherlands, one can not necessarily ignore a special world-renowned ancient land of tulips is cheese. Although very close near the culinary capital of the world but no Dutch culinary tradition as morning and afternoon centered around slice of bread and cheese. But this much cheese is enough to become an indispensable dish in the culinary culture of the people from Tulip country hundreds of years ago and was known everywhere that the Dutch merchants arrive .

To get the special flavor, fat and fed up, Dutch cheese made in traditional recipes. Cow’s milk is the main material to create a delicious cheese and are selected according to stringent standards. The Dutch are very focused on issues of food safety should not have milk full of nutrients but also must be clean and safe to the flavor of cheese, broken from the inside through the production process and save reserves. Initially, the milk is incubated until solidified and was separated completely with water. Then, the condensed milk is water washed to remove lactic acid and sweet cheese more help, then mixed with a dry yeast and incubated for 2 days to ferment.

This is an important stage because it helps shape the quality of the cheese pieces later. To prevent dehydration and to store cheese for long, they are covered with a thin waxy yellow (color characteristic of Gouda type), red (characteristic of …) or caramel sugar or calcium lactate crystals, tyrosine to hard cheese from drying out because of dehydration and also avoid harmful molds. Dutch cheese can be stored for a long time, depending on the type that can store several weeks, 6 months, 1 year and the longest is seven years. Depending on storage time as long as the hard cheese, as salt and more flavor additive enzyme that is always delicious.

Dutch cheese can be used in daily meals as an appetizer, dessert or served with fruit. Cheese can also be used for processing many different foods such as seafood, meats and eggs. Dutch Cheese provides many nutrients such as calcium, protein, fat, is a nutritious food and good health.

The Dutch

Are you planning to study Dutch ? Find out about human Netherlands to better understand the learning environment of the future yourselves, make sure you will love this beautiful country!


Dutch people want to have a good figure tall and well proportioned, and the fact they are the greatest appearance in the world. But the Dutch society more and more people from different cultures, so you will see many different looks, especially in large cities.


When you meet a Dutchman, it’s hard to comment on the status or financial capability through their appearance. A man walks an old bike, take an old pair of shoes and wear a funny hat can be a janitor that can also be a professor. A woman with high heels and suits can be a polite female managers that an employee can also set the table in a restaurant. What style of dress of the Dutch is like? In fact most people do not run according to Holland fashion, so they like to dress for comfort, convenience should not form too. Fashion taste is personal, not formal and is generally quite simple. Whether to go to concerts, theater or dance everyone dressed very normal as long as they feel like it. Only in business or government agency new people in a suit, tie only.

Working as planned

The Dutch always work according to a schedule quite seriously. For example, if you invite them to suddenly stop bar after work, then maybe they will not hesitate for dinner at home will be at the table at the right 6 hours 30. Most Dutch people always plan for their activities before a long time, and record them in the pocket diary. Almost anyone 12 years or older carry such a diary. It is called a log, and you can write on it all of your appointments. The result of this habit is, most people find themselves very busy. Almost every day they have stated in the appointment book and this is why the Dutch very annoying when you force them to wait. You should never be late for a meeting.

Respect for privacy

On the train, though not large, but if we are together, the Dutch rarely talk to each other. When you ask the person in front of something, you can get an answer but can also be curt smile and an enthusiastic response. Then, you will realize that the Dutch are not unfriendly, but simply need someone or something torn away the original air reservations. The Dutch always respect the privacy of others, such as celebrities, they may travel quite comfortable in public places without being disturbed. One can recognize the VIPs or politicians on the street, but most people afraid to approach them to talk. Queen Beatrix occasionally go shopping at the store, and her son live a normal life like everyone else.


The Dutch always want in the natural enemy and honest. This means that speech or that person’s behavior is understandable, when talking to people that answer right away without much thought before answering. But if nature goes too far and the speaker is not interested in the listener’s feelings, they will be regarded as accidental, and thus it is not good. However, in general the Dutch are very straightforward and less when they feel offended. So if you startle front of someone saying, remember that they probably do not mean rude. And when you get used to how to talk like that, maybe you’ll notice that frank habits of the Dutch will more comfortable talking subtle ways that you do not understand. Be the initiative if you need help, let’s say you want to get to know them and you will get the help of their enthusiasm. Can be said that the Dutch will be very friendly, generous and willing to help when they have open contact. In general, you talk candidly say what you thought when exposed to them. Do not expect them to learn the implications of your words.


In dialogue, the Dutch not because of their age or status of the listener that uses formal speech. Youth speak out what they think without a cover up by any reverence. In fact they have no intention of hostility, that’s just straight only. You will be surprised to hear the Prime Minister was interviewed on television like. The interviewer considered complete equality Prime Minister, set the hard questions and get answers with the same frankness. But the voice in this case is open but not antagonistic. The Dutch hate those who like to flaunt and those who think they want the world richer, smarter or more talented people. In the Netherlands, the rich want to avoid attention. A friend gave lavish gifts may be seen as bragging, not be regarded as a generous person. Queen Beatrix and the royal family members are notable because of how popular they behave.

Do not competition

The Dutch tend to be less competitive than other Westerners. In relationships, people are no hierarchical distinction very clearly. The teamwork and agree to be appreciated. A person trying to work to excel others will be considered “a single artist” (‘solo artist’) and will be excluded. Many sporting events take place in the Dutch non-competitive. They organize walking, running, swimming … in a certain place at a certain date. And all participants that complete the course will receive medals. No one wins in the event someone like that. Greatest joy is to achieve the targets set by themselves. The traits of the Dutch are always serious, gentle and more interested in the job. Really you are rarely seen someone angry scenes too or cheer too. However there is a cultural ethos in the Netherlands, and will be very lucky if you get that feeling. It is a friendly atmosphere when people integrate into the world around him. And no contention that the atmosphere is more easier.

Praise and blame

The Dutch have a habit of self-assess themselves through their own opinions and not through other people’s opinions. For them, praise is not important and you rarely hear their praise. They rarely make comments. A man who constantly praise or criticize someone or something who would be considered flattery, not honest or stupid. The criticism usually comes from people who know, and when you get used to this, you will see the criticisms are very useful for you. Therefore, if you criticize someone, do not worry you’re hurting them. The Dutch will be able to argue with you, but they will not feel offended.

Habit of self-pay

There is a Dutch habit of the same in restaurants or cafes, which are all self-pay portion of their costs. This is very normal in the Netherlands. And so, if you learn the language, you are quite familiar with the saying ‘going Dutch’ or ‘pay Dutch’, which means the same pay. If you are a foreigner and a Dutchman invites you to dine and intends to pay all of your money, they will clear you from the beginning that you as a guest. Otherwise, it’s best to pay part of their own. If after a meal of a group of people, who carry out service bill payment is one of them will read to the amount of each person up, and no one feels awkward because it at all. If at that time stated that a person pay for all the results are abnormal. If someone paid with a credit card bill, then the rest will pay him part of their cash.

If there is no Tulip in Amsterdam

Do you know why in the Netherlands, people are running old bikes, including the president? Or why the symbols are everywhere in Amsterdam XXX? Looks like there are things on an Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) so it lies below the familiar image of the red light district, the bustling cafes along the street, filled with bicycles around the bridge on the river … Very few people truly understand this city, even the residents have to stick with it for years.

  1. What makes a distinctive and attractive Amsterdam?
  2. How a city is built on the marsh mud?
  3. How do I generate from all countries only?
  4. Why the Netherlands – the first republic in Europe – there are 2 names Netherlands and Holland?
  5. Why prostitution is a legitimate business in Amsterdam?
  6. Why people are running old bikes, including the president?

Regardless tulips, these questions are things always inspire me to come here. There will be things to be answered after you read the accompanying me to the end of this article. But there are things still left open to wait for you to discover, if you’re like me, trot Amsterdam charm was lost then.

Tulip Well, I suppose the world away …

No other flower that its power can make hundreds of thousands of people crazy and makes the stock market exchange rates swing like tulips. Despite the winter, most of the dry leafless branches, so that tulips keep it a vitality, makes me not want to leave your feet from the flower because of its appeal too large. Tulip is the most beautiful in April until mid-May, when the fields of tulips bloom in the early sunshine at Amsterdam as well as gain a huge profit not only from the trade, export processing flowers but also from the millions of tourists from around the world to enjoy the show. East and most notably Keukenhoff garden, close to Amsterdam by train 1 hour, where you can see not only the tulip which is the most award-winning flowers worldwide.

I started thinking, if a flower on the capital of the world is no longer a tulip flowers do. The child star? Surely a Holland would lose much of its appeal. But no matter the popularity of Amsterdam and revenue from tourism will end. There are still many other things that make the city famous. 6800 works have memories from the Golden era of the 17th century spread across Amsterdam – small town, has a history of the most massive in Europe. As a rough-hewn wooden shoes and heavy look but becomes smooth in the classical dance. Clogs are made from raw wood birch trees are plentiful here. In ancient time the Dutch also bring heels to avoid injuries if stepped on the foot while cow milk, and avoid going through wet marshes. Now we only use this type of shoe while gardening, to decorate walls or souvenirs for tourists.

They are also hidden by the windmill on the river Amstel, gentle but proudly in the sky. As cows are hung from the ceiling in a grocery store when they’re not doing the same task but when it comes to girls, who can imagine without much explanation said: “girl Netherlands “. Amsterdam also intrigued by the system 37 museums, including the Anne Frank house, where the story kept diary of a young girl (The Diary of a young girl) in World War 2, and Dungeop Amsterdam where you challenge the courage, the Van Gogh museum, museum film, journalism museum, wax museum, where you can see Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ronaldinho, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Captain Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean pirates can suddenly kiss you or threatened you terrified. I suppose the world away, a tulip, will know little sad at the loss of a beauty that people know that he always loved, sure … but life will continue, whether the saddest thing can still happen .

A view from the water Amsterdam

Holland is the name of a province that Amsterdam is the main city. When merged with the other provinces into one country independence against Spain in 1579, Holland was the most important areas of the new nation was founded should be viewed as the unofficial name of the Netherlands. The word “Netherlands” means the countries below the low, because 20% of the Netherlands lies below sea level and most of the land here is being renovated from the sea. Over hundreds of years, with scientific and technological invention, with faith and effort, the Dutch created the earth and everything from water previously only!

Likewise, all of what makes Amsterdam today a completely submerged about 700 years ago. Amsterdam and now, with 90 islands by encroaching land and 160 channels, more than 1,200 bridges, called from the river Amstel and the dam (dam) to prevent water which is now the Dam Square. You see, just you do not ever think what you are trying is a myth only to exert ourselves. Not a prosperous Amsterdam from ground water is basically only a testament to the wonder that is greater than you imagine why?

River Tours Amsterdam is ranked as the tour interesting and popular in Europe’s second ball, but at no time shall the absence of people just sip a glass of water on hand, just listen to the story of Amsterdam when the waves turn the ship is on the river Amstel, go through the highlights can not miss the city: the Royal palace, national monument, Skinny Bridge, Albert Cuyp market, the diamond factory, flower market. But to survive and develop, try to time is not enough, need all the sangtao. It can be seen that through the travel agency in Amsterdam is trying to brainstorm to “me” customers with “pizza tour” (a local specialty is serving pizza), “candle light tour” (check psychology customers enjoy a romantic dinner on the river with sparkling candles), or “jazz cruise” for those who want to enjoy a feast of music in his journey.

Profit from the bike rust

Dubbed the “city bike”, the number of bicycles on the road in Amsterdam’s population is more than 750,000 people with over 1 million bikes. Most all of the bikes here are rust, and old-fashioned, if not the mold. Ams population can not afford a new bicycle shop for the soul? Not really! That’s because bike theft with “rule of thumb” is: should spend more money for the purchase than buying a bike lock. Another reason is because the end of the 2nd World War, the Germans stole the bikes they have at hand. These units exist in the traditional Amsterdam created “The older the better.” You own a very genuine mountain bike u? Be prepared it will “disappear” in less than 24g clock? Nor is it necessary, because the Netherlands has no mountains of the factors that make your terrain.

I also chose a piece, where the first few rounds bike signs three letter X. Like many newcomers, he initially thought that the symbol “sex” (amniotic fluid, then Amsterdam would not advertise in any industry where sex game?). Then know it is a sign of St. Andrew symbols, saint patron for Amsterdam. XXX represents three calamities that this city suffered for centuries: floods, disease and fire. Found it comes to XXX, also want to mention a dark space of Amsterdam always light: red light district, is considered the business of prostitution earliest professional world. The way this Zeedijk always bustling nightlife with bars and restaurants, a hallmark of the past is where the crew find fun.

If to the Netherlands that do not pass through the red light district, as you may to the Netherlands. Amsterdam Christmas Eve. 5pm everyone was scurrying home, preparing for a dinner with his family. All stores were hurried off and quick sale closes. The street that leads to the center are decorated simple but eye-catching, luscious unassuming but attractive enough steps away. 1do C with cold, snow covered, but not well enough to the business hands up skate park for those who love the feeling of gliding on a white background.

Go over the bridge across the river Amstel, hear the church bells rang out every last, easy to look up to the tree 30 meters high between the Dam Square, is difficult to say before I come back here or or not. But who knows, because people tend to look back … interesting things that Amsterdam is more than an interesting thing to remember.

Colorful festivals in Netherlands

Not only known for its windmills, wooden shoes, flowers yet-lip, the Netherlands also known as the “land of festivals.”

Queen’s Day (Queen’s Day)

This is the largest Dutch festivals. In 1980, when Queen Beatrix ascended the throne, to pay respect to mother, she was taken on 30/4 – the birth of her mother, Queen Juliana as Queen’s Day. On that day, throughout the Netherlands took place the exciting, especially in two major cities of Amsterdam and The Hague: colorful flags and flowers on every street, stalls selling food and everything related to holidays such as clothing , hats, bracelets, necklaces, wigs … all an orange – the color of the Dutch royal family. Draught beer is the drink is best consumed with a cup euro deposit charge. Dam Square, Niewmarkt, Jordaan, Rembrandplein, Leiserplein filled with fun, the transport in the city shut down, people just walk away.

On the night of Queen (Queen’s Night), throughout the city, especially in parks, two roadside, the road, busy buyers and sellers. Everyone is allowed to sell all the goods and the money is not tax revenue. Main products are all kinds of hand if luck can “socks” is an antique bargain. In that special night, the pubs and clubs open throughout the morning.  The festival starts from the previous night and ended before sunrise the next morning. This is the only day in the police break no active intervention but noisy crowd. If day 30 falls on a Sunday festival competition will move to the right 29.

Flower Parade

Keukenhof Gardens with about 7 million flowers, each year attracting over 700 thousand tourists in the world. Time is the most beautiful flowers in late April early May. At that time, there will be the flower parade with dozens of decorated raft shape of colorful fun. It is unusual parade with giant flowers friends are held both day and night.

Floriade flower festival

Floriade is a big festival and most particularly in the flower festival, held once every ten years in the city of Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands. In the 65-hectare campus, the fair is divided into three zones, a 17 euro entrance fee. Park welcome visitors from 9 h 30 to 18 hours.

Domino Festival

Domino Festival held in November each year in the town of Leeuwarden. There were about 4.5 million domino pieces are used to build the colorful fields. And when the pieces fall apart, will create portraits of famous people. Tourists are interested to witness the transformation from the form domino pieces.

On the feast of St. Martin

Place on 11/11 each year, not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands. This holiday is near giongvoi day carnival for children in Halloween. Today, people call him St. Martin, symbol of compassion. The story goes that, one night heavy rain, lightning, Martin alone in isolated mantle with a piece of bread. Are on the way home, he suddenly met a beggar no place to enjoy. He felt so sorry for that poor man, four divided half piece of bread, half cloak, then that person slept in the house.

Charles Dickens Festival

Charles Dickens Festival takes place in the city of Deventer on Saturday and last Sunday before Christmas. On that day, life in an ancient 19th century, in the masterpieces of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), writer of English, are reproduced vividly. Costumes, makeup, gestures, body language of the noble couple, teenagers or the typical family, the royal troops in the 19th century, visitors can see on the street is and very real life. Recreate life in the 19th century in the masterpieces of Charles Dickens.

Amsterdam – Capital of Bicycle

Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – the Low Countries (Norderlanden). Although only 41,500 km2 with a broader population of nearly 17 million people, the Netherlands is a country of many different and exotic.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 1

It is a lowland country in the world with 27% area and 60% of the population live at altitudes lower than sea level about 1 meter. Therefore, systems that shrimp pond dikes and polders are considered creative wonders of the natural man before. The Netherlands is a country with agriculture the world’s leading exporter, behind only the U.S. and France. Speaking of Dutch tulips are talking about – also known as UAT metallic flavor – brilliant and is present throughout the territory. Dutch flower exporters as well as the world’s number one. Flowers in Amsterdam Chamber tti modern, exciting and wide to dizziness.

Already renowned Dutch cheese specialties, both consumption and export, quality can not impeccable. The wooden type (sometimes shaped body) colorful and delicate design, are sized souvenirs indispensable to visitors visiting the land of Windmills whose owner is the way people have higher average world leader.

Windmills are not originating from the Netherlands. It was invented in the seventh century by a Muslim. Body made of clay mortar and wooden wings, moving through the wind, used to grind corn and water. Since 1740, the first windmill was built in the village of Kinderdijk. The Dutch still more than 1,000 trees, hundreds of years still life … good run. From the original function is taking advantage of wind power made the motion to grind flour, pump water and then to present to generators, windmills helped the Netherlands flourished not only in agriculture that both the industry and other services.

More importantly, environmental protection, which the industrial development very difficult. Inside the body of the windmill is the narrow room can stay temporarily, in the kitchen, doing inventory, there are stairs to the roof. Later wings were replaced with metal timber, lightweight durable medium that the larger capacity. Visit the windmills in Holland, I’ve always wondered: Vietnam Parish excess sun and wind but I always lack of electricity, why not do the treadmill, to serve life and production? It is as simple as a bicycle rather difficult to do where tanks, where the aircraft.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 2

The Netherlands is the earliest country legalizing prostitution, same-sex marriage recognized and publicly selling marijuana (a mild narcotic) with the specified number. They say 10% of Amsterdam’s population is gay, and that is the largest gay city in Europe.

In Amsterdam, next to the church there are monuments Westermarkt Gay equilateral triangle with granite, representing the past – and future – where the shooting of gay marriage. Amsterdam with the world famous “red light district” located along the banks of two canals and Achterburgwal Voorburgwal – one of the beautiful old town of the capital. The origin of this unique neighborhood from the fourteenth century, when the girls portable lantern red – a sign of the crew said to “buy”. Quarter only works at night – the most bustling and noisy as 21 hours – 2 am.

The girls meet citizenship (estimated around 20 different countries), all ages (but not over 18) and full body. Someone like “baby healthy baby” or international sumo wrestlers, such as pregnant people (?) … They have the skinny behind the wide glass door about 2-3m2, wearing cloth maximum savings, always bend invites and promotional sign. The glass doors are a light red mixed roses – so called literally “red light district.” As a guest, screen cover will be pulled down signals owners are “busy”!

Around the red light district has numerous sex shop selling everything instruments, movies, books … related to sex. There are also sex museum (museum sex) class travelers spoiled for research, both watching and imagination! Dutch government wants to open things easy to manage and taxation, but it’s not that simple. Prostitutes of undeclared income, marijuana bill is not selling. Red light district is also where criminal gangs and pimps operating broker shields, very phen plagued local administration.

Why Amsterdam is Capital of Bicycle – Reason 3

Amsterdam even lower than sea level but is still a busy port, is the largest city in the Netherlands and is one of the largest central European town. The weird thing, but Amsterdam is the capital of the administrative offices are in Den Haag (also known as La Haye) – International Court of Justice where the trial of crimes of humanity. To Amsterdam, I like most is to go boating on the canals to explore the capital is lower than sea level. How do they build a powerful country in the difficult conditions of geography and soil like that? The beautiful green river has climate control, just add makeup to Amsterdam gracefully flamboyant personality.

But impressive as the land of windmills, the tulips, wooden shoes of all kinds is the bicycle. Nowhere as many Amsterdam bicycles. Almost every person has a bicycle, bicycle transportation is the key here. From a walk, go shopping, go to work – including officials, for the children where to go … By using a bicycle should not take the exercise. One of the factors to height Dutchman is a world leader by climate, soil, food and bicycles. There are ordinary bicycles, bicycles 3 wheels, 4 wheel bicycles, bicycles couple – three bikes, cars big wheels, small wheels … Well, then all kinds of innovative, full of color. There are baby carriages in front, behind the truck, which truck side … Because many bicycle should have its own bike path and are given priority over other motor types.

Once upon a bicycle attached to the LDCs and the backwardness. But now the bike into the mainstream of civilized nations. Biking to environmental protection, to exercise, to combat stress … I remember back to Hanoi subsidy period, the street is always crowded with bicycles – which is warm white bar means love. The motorcycle – which was originally galaxy called “car blast” with the sound of a car explosion – thought is comfortable, modern helped change the way people of Hanoi, the sharp bar deletes Chang’an’s calendar?

Because everyone cycling open so people can know and talk to each other more easily. The atmosphere at Amsterdam also fresh, peaceful and friendly world. I just want to enjoy yourself in the cyclists, bright happy smile hello embarrassing to forget the noisy, smoke and dust in his homeland. If in Saigon and the Vietnam town where everyone cycling discretion? When the Vietnamese people will was stronger, larger and highly adorable. There will be a beautiful country and richer.