Introduction to IELTS

English Language Testing System International (International English Testing System) is the English exam for the subjects to study and live in countries that use English as the official language. This exam is jointly owned and operated by three institutions: University of Cambridge ESOL, British Council (British Council) and organized by IDP Education Australia.

IELTS assesses the ability to communicate in English of candidates through testing all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Since 1989, IELTS is recognized as the English exam reputable and reliable. The IELTS test is more than 6,000 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organizations worldwide recognition. In the United States, currently has more than 1,500 universities and institutions have recognized this and use the certificate. This is a mandatory requirement for migration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

A. IELTS test format

IELTS exam format like? The difference between the Academy Exam (Academic Module) and General Training Exam (General Training Module) is what? Academy Exam (Academic) for students attending training courses from academic qualifications Diploma, BA (Bachelor) to the Master degree (Master) and Ph.D. (Doctor).

General Exam Training for participants in training non-academic (non-academic training) or for those who wish to proceed with a settlement in Australia or New Zealand. If you are unsure how to contest the block construction, contact centers or establishments IELTS IELTS requirement to ask for before you decide the contest.

4 IELTS exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, of which 2 Listening and Speaking exam is the same for the two blocks above competition. This means that whether you contest or block implementation Academic Training In general, the difficulty of the Listening and Speaking tests are equal. The difference on the subject as well as the difficulty of the test is only two blocks is shown in the remaining two exams Reading and Writing (of course the test of Reading and Writing Exam Academic difficult than the corresponding test General Training Exam).

Two. IELTS Preparation

You can purchase a sample kit IELTS (Updated 2007), including a full sample test attached CD for USD 25/bo. So you may be familiar with the exam form and know their qualifications. This document also includes sample solution for Speaking and Writing tests.

You can register for the IELTS exam preparation by the Australian Center for Education and Training (ACET) organization. ACET was established by IDP Education (Vietnam) together with Insearch Institute, University of Technology Sydney – UTS. ACET provides English language training courses and IELTS in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

For more information, please contact ACET office in Vietnam:

3. English language requirements of the school

  • IELTS score> = 6.5 to postgraduate study
  • IELTS score> = 6.0 to the University
  • IELTS score> = 5.5 to TAFE or other training professional
  • IELTS score> = 5.0 to study Secondary Education

4. The grading

Candidates will receive written notification of the results in about 2 weeks from the date of implementation:

Scores are given on the scale 1-9.

Candidates are evaluated each exam score report the Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking (Band Score) and the general level (Overall Band Score). This is called a score IELTS scores (Test Results).

Overall grade level, scores the Listening and Reading test scores can have odd numbers (0.5) Written exam scores and scores of subjects In the circular, no ext.

No degree or slide because, depending on the level at which candidates are assessed according to how much the scale.

IELTS scores are only valid for 2 years.

As mentioned above, the report card showing each subject of the candidate and the general level. This allows facilities that enroll students identify strengths and weaknesses of the candidates on the knowledge and language skills, decide which candidates are eligible to study language or no. The scores are shown on the report card with details of nationality, language and birth date of the candidate. Report card is also said scores of Exam Exam Academic or General Training. Report card must bear the seal of the center holding them, attestation of regulatory agencies IELTS. This vote must be held test center sent directly to the institution (based on requirements of the candidate and the candidate must pay a small fee) or candidates received directly. The report card copies are not worth replacing the originals to the requirements relating to the applicants.

The significance of the point

Scale scores overall with nine points with the following interpretations:

Point 9 Expert user level (user (language) proficiency)

Completely mastered the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with the absolute understanding.

Point 8 Very good user level (user good)

Completely mastered the language, sometimes, where there has not been accurate and are not suitable but not systemic. Is sometimes misunderstood in unfamiliar situations. Better handling of complex arguments.

Point 7 Good user level (user good)

Master the language, though occasional spot inaccuracies, inappropriate and misleading. Generally handle complex language well off and understands detailed reasoning.

Point 6 Competent user level (user available)

Generally understand the language though there are places inaccurate, irrelevant and misleading. Can use and understand complex language, particularly in familiar situations.

Point 5 Modest user level (user humble)

Partly understand the language, understand the general sense in most situations although there may be several errors. Ability to handle basic communication in own field.

Point 4 Limited user level (user limit)

Basic capabilities are limited to situations familiar to audiences. Frequently have problems understanding and expression. You can not use complex language.

Point 3 Extremely limited user level (extremely limited users)

Only express and understand the general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent failure in communication.

Point 2 Intermitten user level (at the time no users)

There is no real ability to communicate except in the most basic information, use of individual words or short formulas in familiar situations and to meet immediate needs. Considerable difficulty in understanding spoken and written English.

Point 1 Non user level (not the user)

Basic is not capable of language beyond a few individual words.

The problem when register Toefl iBT exam

You can register for the TOEFL iBT online

Through mail or over the telephone

Online: to subscribers worldwide Phone: call the number 1-800-468-6335 if you test in the U.S. or Canada Call number 1-443-751-4862 if you competition outside the two countries in the Mail:ETS-TOEFL iBT Registration Office, PO Box 6152, Princeton, NJ 08541-6152 USA. The iBT test center to register at your location in the global address book can be found at Registration and Information Bulletin TOEFL iBT, you can find places in VN iBT at this link: http://toefl. /? id = 28

Registration will be confirmed iBT how

to register your number can be printed out if you register online, or receive a registration number via email

When should I register iBT?

You must register at least 7 days before the test date. The test center will be fully booked quickly during peak times on the exam (eg, 10,11,12 months), so the best you sign up examination several months before the examination date. If you use the iBT to apply to study at universities and colleges, you should place appropriate plans to implement admissions board can get you ahead of the deadline.

The cancellation of registration exam

to cancel registration and receive a refund, you must apply for cancellation of the right circle 3 days before the test date. For example if your test date is Friday, you need to cancel on Monday. You will be fined $ 40 for the cancellation.

IBT test fee be?

Registration fees and 4 test scores a total of $ 140 USD

You pay card = credit card, bank transfer in U.S..

* How to manage and conduct iBT exam 

a. Each area will have about 30, 40 iBT exam in 1 year

Examination room will be a computer room or can be a big classroom with 15 networked computers must be at least 4 feet (1.4 m) You are not allowed to bring anything into the test room (of course clothes there). No cell phones, paper, dictionary, pens of all kinds. Superintendents of the examination will give you headphones, paper and pencil.

b. Identification does not bring it to competition

in the U.S., you must bring your passport. in other countries, if you do not have passports will have to contact TOEFL center to receive more specific instructions. Note that write or spell my name correctly absolute, all even the smallest mistake will cost you much time.

c. A How long is the examination

A test session lasted about 4 hours, including instructions and time break between 2 Listening and Speaking contest.


TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language ) is a standardized test capable of assessing the English proficiency of those who use this language as a foreign language in an academic environment, for example, in universities and colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

This exam is conducted by ETS ( Educational Testing Service ), an organization development professional tests in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Unlike paper-based TOEFL (Paper-Based Test) and on the computer (Computer-Based Test), TOEFL iBTSpeaking check. TS will wear headphones and speak into the microphone. Voice signal is converted into digital form and transmitted over the Internet on the ETS scoring system. TOEFL iBT exam no grammar.Grammar will be considered as TS said, writing.

The skills test each part of the exercise of independence and exercises combined with other skills. For example, in the article, Dr. heard a number of questions and read a paragraph to write essays. In the speaking test, TS must read, listen to, then answer questions. Thus, the TS must coordinate many different skills to do.This measure of ETS is limited by weaknesses of the old exam (TS may score high but still difficult to study because the combination of key skills). Time for the TOEFL iBT is 4 hours (more than 1 hour compared with paper-based test). Scale of 0-120. To better implement, TS need skill to use computers, especially typing, composing text.

The internet-based TOEFL (TOEFL IBT)

The TOEFL iBT ( Internet-based Test ) tests all four language skills: Listening (Listening) , speaking(Speaking) , Reading (Reading) , Writing (Writing) with total length is 4 hours (of which 10 minute break between the hours of listening). The contents of the exam along with some questions and the time allocated as follows:




Number of questions



· 3-5 paragraphs


60-100 minutes


· Dialog 2-3 
· 4-6 lecture sections (some workshops in the classroom)


60-90 minutes


10 minutes


· 2-independent part (present ideas on a familiar theme) 
· 4 section integrated skills (speech-based content has been listening and reading )


20 minutes


· An integrated part of writing skills (writing based on the contents have been listening and reading ) 
· an independent part writing (express views on a topic)


50 minutes

TOEFL iBT TOEFL test is a new version of the application of high speed Internet technology to test skills using academic English, the Institute of Educational Testing Service (ETS) was first launched in the U.S. in September / 2005, followed by Canada, France, Germany, Italy … far more than 70,000 organizations ETS TOEFL round the world. In early 2006, the company appointed ETS IIG Vietnam as exclusive representative of the TOEFL iBT in Vietnam.

What is TOEFL iBT?

TOEFL iBT TOEFL test is a new version of the application of high speed Internet technology to test skills using academic English, the Institute of Educational Testing Service (ETS) was first launched in the U.S. in September / 2005, followed by Canada, France, Germany, Italy … To date more than 70,000 organizations ETS TOEFL round the world. In early 2006, the company appointed ETS IIG Vietnam as exclusive representative of the TOEFL iBT in Vietnam.

Numerous young people to information on the new TOEFL iBT

Some suggest that the TOEFL iBT test program is completely online. Not really! According to Rex Corlett, director of Asia by ETS, the test is loaded from the Internet server in test scores. After downloading candidates (TS) will do at the computer or partition (cabin). So do not worry TS Internet traffic is blocked when doing. Even at competition, network dropped TS do not know. Each exam room cabin always backup computer, and system data backup tool, so if the computer malfunctions, TS can move to another machine and all done in the TS is not lost.

The test scores (test-site) are arranged in the standard of ETS, due to the ETS’s IT specialists to monitor and direct examination, to ensure your computer, headphones, microphone specifications meet . Examination room layout, organizational processes, comply with its own standards. The rooms TOEFL iBT authorized by IIG is currently set at some universities in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, with a total of nearly 400 computer units.

A few differences

Unlike paper-based TOEFL (Paper-Based Test) and on the computer (Computer-Based Test), TOEFL iBTSpeaking check. TS will wear headphones and speak into the microphone. Voice signal is converted into digital form and transmitted over the Internet on the ETS scoring system. TOEFL iBT exam no grammar.Grammar will be considered as TS said, writing.

The skills test each part of the exercise of independence and exercises combined with other skills. For example, in the article, Dr. heard a number of questions and read a paragraph to write essays. In the speaking test, TS must read, listen to, then answer questions. Thus, the TS must coordinate many different skills to do.This measure of ETS is limited by weaknesses of the old exam (TS may score high but still difficult to study because the combination of key skills). Time for the TOEFL iBT is 4 hours (more than 1 hour compared with paper-based test). Scale of 0-120. To better implement, TS need skill to use computers, especially typing, composing text

How convenient?

Before, people wanted the contest to the bank to transfer money to the U.S. for ETS (Credid Card or online money transfer), then wait 2 months and not know there was competition test on any stage.

With TOEFL iBT , the candidates need to IIG’s office in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho. City at least 15 days prior to registration and payment of examination fee. A fee of 140 USD, Vietnamese and U.S. currency are. Because registration in Vietnam, so the proof is very simple identity (ID only), not as complex as online registration. Mr. Doan Hong Nam, Director of IIG, said phase TOEFL iBT will first take place on 16.07.2006, which will be held 2 times per month. Schedule thick and quick procedures will help TS much more active in choosing the time of construction.

Done, TS wait 15 days for results, not wait months as before. The examination results are reported directly, via e-mail, and sent to the world’s fourth university appointed by the TS. In case your computer crashes, TS can be appealed immediately to the IIG staff and experts from ETS test scores. Mr. Corlett said Rex will resolve towards ensuring the benefits of the TS. In case not be settled, TS will be tested for free. However, according to Mr. Corlett, TOEFL iBT has been held in many countries but have not seen complaints about machines, internet access.

Online TOEFL Practise: The test (implementation test) over the network to be sold in the form of ID and password. Users can try all four exam skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) or on-demand skills contests. Entire sections of the exam candidates will be notified ETS scoring and score results after 5 days.Mr. Doan Hong Nam said the test fee each skill is expected around 15 USD. Testing all four skills will not exceed $ 40.

Study in Holland – Low cost high quality

If you want to choose a study program in English but afraid of high costs in the UK, the Netherlands is truly an ideal choice to enjoy education in English with high quality and cost low cost.

Low Cost

Tuition at the University of the Netherlands  between 1200-1500 £ / year for European students of mass less than 30 years, while tuition fees in England is £ 3200. Students under 30 years old master also pay such fees, lower than the study in the UK. In addition, the Government and many large funds also pay for student loans and scholarships. Thomas Kramer, a German student said: “I save 20% when studied in the Netherlands than in England!” Dr. Jo Ritzen, President of Maastricht University, said students will be better and cheaper education more than half in England, the Master’s program even more valuable.

Besides tuition, living expenses in the Netherlands is also low, about £ 500 / month. According Reslow Natasja, a graduate student housing and the cost of goods are cheaper in the Netherlands, whether you live in cities or rural areas have been the cheap rent.

High Quality – Direction wide

A more important reason to choose the Netherlands as teaching methods and curriculum brings highly applicable. The school used training method based on the issues, encourage students to pose problems, presentations, research and teamwork. Thus, students with a variety of views, balance, especially when they often study together with students from over 50 countries worldwide. This is why employers often prefer the Dutch students. In contrast, many universities in the UK still use large classrooms east of students, school students usually passive, less talk to scholars by the teacher of this class is a Ph.D. student.

It is said that many schools in the Netherlands does not have block groups (teams) students, and many other facilities that you find in the UK but in return, many cities of the Netherlands is the type you see optical metropolitan scene, while the industrial city of England will have little more scenes. Moreover, in the Netherlands, you can even German sausages fried on the sidewalk, watching the quiet suburbs with the same message hills and ancient villages in the conditions.

The Dutch students tend to be different. Ariane Sketcher, 21, grew up in Germany, said she saw more and different broadening the study in the Netherlands. Julie Martin, a 28 year old Irish student, I should share the students to study in the Netherlands to expand the vision for education in this method is that you sit down and talk with many people from many different cultures to better understand the world. Glenn Borrett, who received in the UK and is a second degree in the Netherlands adds: “I will not have debt while studying in the Netherlands, I have a job at school and many other students too. Very easy to live in the Netherlands, social life and sports are good “.

About studying abroad after married

Study after married and even having children is not uncommon especially for postgraduate courses (Masters and PhD). For them, when asked for a scholarship and then, deciding to go or not and how it’s not easy. If the spouses, and families are encouraged sympathetic to the school easier. But not everyone is the support and consent of the spouse and family when deciding to study abroad.

Where Mai Trang in Vietnam as an example. After graduating in Accounting University with a degree good, good language and dynamic page easily have a good job with high salary in a bank. Stable job, have the encouragement of family, Page was married to his lover after a year more than 2 years old to work. With a dream to study keeps burning since I was a student, so when she went to find out information and scholarship candidates. When the scholarship, she said her husband and seek his masters want to go abroad to expand their knowledge and have a better position in the future.

However, when the wives have to study, her husband expressed dissatisfaction page, so that women learn enough time, steady job, good income, … no need to study further. Moreover, parents also want the child to “happy happy house door.” With the fierce reaction of the husband and the husband’s family, Page had to put aside the dream unfinished study although she applied for a scholarship. Male, born in Hung Yen, who are working in a telecom company in Hanoi. Before and after married, Nam still cherished dream of foreign higher education in information technology. After being married for 2 years, he would get a scholarship in Germany and want to quit your current job to attend school.

Although no more than prevent the wife Nam, but his wife and his parents opposed his parents, saying that his wife has nearly 30 years that the couple have a baby yet. Both he and his wife wants a baby was “where it goes and goes,” because he is the only son in the family. Determination to discourage parental sides, Nam also halted plans to study abroad his. Unlike the above two cases, Tuan, born in Thanh Hoa, was married is when he knew I was awarded a scholarship to integrate both the masters and doctoral Korea. Although my daughter, but for the future, her family encouraged him Tuan school. Been married a month, Tuan right to your country in time for the school year.

Passionate young couple weeks are going to school because I can not miss the chance to a couple of great suffering of mind and attachment when separated. Every day after laboratory studies to midnight, Tuan back to form 1-2am to talk with his young wife at home via skype. Later, Tuan decided to move his course to master to return home soon reunited with his wife. He shared, I’d worry about a family of water in sight and then will decide whether to continue schooling or not doctors. The above is about to study abroad who are married but no children. For people who already have children, to study abroad the story is more complex.

She received a scholarship Dieu Huong Dr. Ecosystems in Japan is not lost when she first was 2 years old. The support of her husband, she decided to “winter tourism” a trip, and at heart will seek to bring his father home to Japan for the reunion. After learning to Japan for two years, thanks to the relationship, a professor … she also brought her husband and son to be, then find him a job that party limb. Although her husband Huong graduated and is doing business for a company in Hanoi, but often the wife wants to reunite his family is still acceptable to Japan as workers.

Her daughter is 4 years old when it is sent to a kindergarten school with a Japanese friend. But because she does not know Japanese, habitat changes, total strangers around, after a time to Japan, he can not get you in class, speaking slowly and even at home do not want to say Vietnamese parents. Seeing the signs of autism, she and her husband bring me to the sunset with Vietnam adopted by his grandparents. Like Huong, he completed the doctoral school also has a wife and a child at home. Young couples to have children, not economically well-off, so he must radically new savings amassed scholarship money from a child sent to his wife. School for a year, when my son was almost 2 years old, he discussed with his wife masters scholarships to give to his wife and children.

After several failed attempts, finally she also won a scholarship for Master degree in materials science he studied properly. 3 of his family were reunited so. But because children are too young, so the couple must learn, by studying childcare and appointed another. Do children weak resistance when transferred to new habitats are or sick, so after take me to two months, the couple finally complete take me by his grandparents – external care.

Other forms of life of international students

When abroad, about the housing is very important. Find the inn so that cost savings and convenience is the most urgent needs of students. Let’s see that made you like?

Division of house, there are many versions share the

Most of the students often choose to divide a house with Vietnam to ease in communication, especially during the early morning. They can find a 2.3 bedroom apartment and share a room each. The remaining utilities, such as living room, bathroom or kitchen will split time share. Chia apartment was much help relieve the financial pressure, but also if there is insufficient regional cultural differences and living habits such as bedtime, toilet rooms (common rooms) purchase of appliances … If share house with friends when I was in choir from Vietnam, about sharing housework as difficult as it may easily lead to more pestering one another. Forms are also divided house with fellow teachers are not supported by this will severely limit the ability to integrate with native language. The teacher Marie-Claude (IUT de Besancon, France) did not promote the general story of the house divided French student participation Erasmus exchange program in the Netherlands.

Indeed, living with friends abroad will give you the opportunity to become familiar with other cultures quickly than any class in any explicit manner. If you divide a house with Vietnam, you’d never know the customs and leave your shoes at the door waiting for dawn to 6:12 presents “sweet” (candy / fruit) from St. Nicholas. The two share a Romanian girl and Mexico also gave Minh Trang (Vietnamese students in the Netherlands) a lot of experience cooking such as baking pancakes, mixed chocolate marshmallow sauce. Best of all you will be using every day language, not just wait for hours in class or to meet the natives. However, the risk of culture shock is one of the students hesitated to share home with international friends.

Dormitory is also an option

In some countries, the hostel also applied to form the mixed division students do not know each other before. National The (international students in Turkey) in the exchange period at The Hague University of Applied Sciences has been ranked at lucky with an easy-going fellow Portuguese. Even though there is “common touch” each other all utilities (both share a large room including kitchen, study area, two bed) but still beyond the cultural differences easily. If you choose to share the forms with two private rooms with private entrance, you will have to pay higher fees.

In the dorm, you have many choices of sizes and rates. The dormitory for two people or a couple of men and women are called apartments. Usually when referring to the dorm, people still think of 9m2 single room for one person, called a chambre (room). The only area of 9m2, but still be reasonable to design almost all basic utilities needed for students: bed, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf, refrigerator. Will usually have the option for you, corresponding to each separate price as traditional rooms will only sink (you have to share bathroom and toilet in a separate area) or the new changing rooms and bathrooms will be completely separate toilet. The hostel is the optimal choice for new students to as the procedures are not cumbersome, and you may get acquainted with new people who live in the same floor. Campus concentrated near schools, libraries, sports, theater of the … However, in France is not easy to get a place in a hostel if you do not have scholarships or student is a extremely lucky. You must be registered by Crous (Crous have multiple versions for each city) to get into in a hostel for the new school year from February, March.

Homestay, happy dream house where the West

Dreams always beautiful and the fact that … in the following will clear! Levi, (international students in Nantes, France) has spent the homestay “hell” because at last to have to live with a difficult landlady, miserliness. There are late nights studying, her right arm off master bedroom lamp flashed Vi, or bathing more than 20 minutes will be beating the bathroom door. Past frustrations, Vi has suitcase out of the house on the night.

Still the students lucky enough to live with host family friendly, they care as children in the house. This you can not be verified before leaving to study abroad, but you absolutely can ask friends and acquaintances to meet landlord to find out before arriving. Moreover, you also can fully decide to stay or go when you feel your environment with. But the truth is only suitable model homestay student exchange with the school system or first-year students. Homestay story just really comfortable, you do not have much contact with the owner.

How to use your time while studying in Netherlands?

You are a student or preparing to study abroad ? You are taking their time like? Use time truth is reasonable that the very important for with these du students, this article share with the you how to use reasonable time most when go to study.

1. Read, read, read forever

These outstanding students are reading during the summer and if you also want to like them, remember this. Some universities such as Adelphi, Kansas State in the U.S. have programs or reading very interesting. Even if your school has no movement, then you should equip in advance for your ideas. Because study abroad is not simple. Vice Chairman of the outstanding students at Baylor University – Brandon Miller – recommended that: “Keep reading as a college student, it is read carefully, you not only simple to brainstorm with feedback and clearly stated. ”

2. Reload energy

You can completely relax either reading a book in combination with such sunbathing. Your body also needs to relax to get ready to face the subject, the new test and not simple at all.

3. Try something new

Those new students of when step into a environment new university often puzzled and easily discouraged, from which lose a period of time to adapt, so right from this summer you can try get familiar with it. You can sign up for a volunteer trip, short courses to quickly find common ground with people and learn how to succeed with your friends – it is also very common to have situations in universities, high equality.

4. Do more

Overseas, the snack bar, self-service seems very attractive to the students first time and it does not cost too much money that parents provide for you. However, most of us will spend more than you think. Other costs may include such events and tickets for your shopping needs will increase rapidly. So now, try to get a job part-time summer before leaving to study further the experience overseas.

5. Attend the orientation of the field

Some schools require students to participate in orientation lasts a week or so. Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida is a key example because the orientation of the first month-long field. Although it’s not like the class compulsory but they are still necessary for you because it helps you get familiar with the school and can communicate acquainted with new friends.

Study in Holland: Living with natives

Study in the choice of many teenagers today. But many still can not help wonder you live? Dormitory-house-rent or friend living with indigenous people? Hint is: if you have confidence conditions and can live independent lives homestay is a great choice here

Hone language skills

Although there is a foreign language well, but many teenagers still in shock when entering this new environment. One can not deny that living together is a native language skills will increase dramatically, especially listening skills here. Some time living with them, you can say “birds” for that view. They are willing to correct the pronunciation, words and show you the idiom which they often use that you have not heard before. The most rapid method of practicing your language skills. Many students said: “Most over here we’d live with native speakers, they are very friendly and easy to close again. They are very willing to correct pronunciation, and we’d teach lots of English sentences by native speakers. Choose to live with indigenous people are really useful for everybody who want to practice language skills that! ”

Broaden their understanding of culture

With the teen with a passion to learn customs and culture of the country you are struggling with the choice to live with indigenous people is also very helpful. That is the quickest way to absorb your culture of this country. Life of their daily activities will help you understand part of the style and culture. The last meal of the week is the time for you to acquire it here. Let them cook the traditional dishes and listen to interesting stories or the same day they celebrate the festival of the year. It is learning, learning culture is a very cost effective. Minh Thu – He told students: “On weekends, I still often with everyone in her family Rebecca cook traditional dishes such as Fish & Chips … very interesting! Not only learned how to cook but I also hear stories about the culture and customs of them anymore! ”

Share, learn from experience

On first arriving in a strange land. Sure unfamiliarity, not familiar with customs is inevitable. What a pity if we do not know where to go and what to do in his spare time. Living with native speakers, your life experience also increased significantly. From the shopping, dining for up to a bargain. The valuable advice of an experienced native speaker will help you. You are not struggling when armed with a map to find a coffee shop or a gourmet delights. It had all been directed hearted fellow natives live. Minh Ha – a cheerful student said: “Back in Vietnam, shopping with my mother, that her mother paid them any mind how his mind. Yet from birth uncle John lives with his family, it is not a problem anymore. Once the legs they go shopping, I’ve learned a valuable experience to bargain much. ”

There is a new family

Away from home – an obsession caused much sorrow for the teen not to do them yourself? Why do not you try to live with the natives. Life with them will make you feel like you’re having a second family here. Because of their lifestyle quite friendly and approachable, willing to share their problems with you. And once they decided to students living together, they were very close then. The main reason this will help calm the teen portion of homesickness and the happier when I have added a second family! Many students said: “When I left home, we’d miss home, remember Vietnam are dead, are more at home crying call fart stab. Yet, a month after living with indigenous people, we have to have a different feeling. A second family, and loved nostalgia and people. ”

Make friends with international students quickly

In addition to meeting friends from other countries in school. Native life and will help you make friends with international students quickly. Perhaps because of the indigenous nature quite friendly and approachable so they are willing to introduce you to some neighbors and other friends. It’s interesting to have an outdoor picnic or a party exchanges between the countries you come from, right? Indigenous families will help you do it. Especially with you a bit conservative. Once you have decided to live with indigenous people to study when you need to reference the information from the schools you will study the light. Usually there are two choices to live with the natives.

Standard Homestay

  • – Compatibility with large pupils, confidence can live relatively independent, but still care in an environment of close family
  • – Select a single room or sharing rooms
  • – Bedrooms have desks are equipped
  • – Two meals per day, seven days a week
  • – To use the phone

Homestay Plus

  • – Provide support and supervision at a higher rate for younger students
  • – Required for students under 16 years
  • – Select a single room or sharing rooms
  • – Bedrooms have desks are equipped
  • – Two meals per day, seven days a week
  • – To use the phone
  • – Beds and pillows are all host family provides full, you only need to bring their own towels.

Pretty nifty, right? If you think this problem is to immediately start working to go offline to find out!

Dutch Study Pages

Let’s hear your share of the student learning experience in the Netherlands Nhe! Hope this helps your luggage firmly arrived in the Dutch study.

Learn Dutch

Tip of the former study was born when the Dutch arrived in the Netherlands, you should learn the language of this country. 95% of Dutch people can use English in a fluent. You will not feel crestfallen because they can communicate with people in English anywhere on their land … There are more than 1,500 programs and international courses are taught in English at the University Dutch force you so good at English. In addition to English, will be an added advantage when learning Dutch language – the language of the Netherlands. If you speak Dutch and would be highly advantageous to go for extra work.

Register Nuffic scholarship

Nuffic scholarships are scholarships for students from developing countries, including Vietnam. There are many cases in the Netherlands are among the world’s most prestigious schools and here they are Nuffic Scholarship. These include Technical University TU Delft, Wageningen University, well known for engineering and technology. University of Tiburg ranks as one of the best trained European economy. Some universities such as Leiden, HES Amsterdam, HAN Anrhem … Thanks to these scholarships that Holland attracts students from around the world.

Living a simple and time-honored

Dutch Country lifestyle casual, open and frank … quite similar to the Vietnamese people. So while new to the Netherlands, do not be trendy, Joneses, trendy looks. Life-saving help you understand the value of money when away from home how big. Where to go and be on time, do not use rubber now, the Dutch do not like that! Hint Dutch people are very interested in cycling, they have a high awareness in environmental protection. So you also need a bike, also to ensure the initiative on time.

DO NOT violate the law

No stealing, aggression, fighting, grudge … You should never stick anything to violate the law. Law in this regime is quite strict and tight. Will only find trouble if you break!

Enjoy the scenery

The Netherlands is located in the heart of Europe and with the relatively pleasant climate. Speaking of the country and the Dutch, who had arrived in the land of windmills and flowers will remember right tuylip lifestyle liberal, open and frank.