Records needed to study in the Netherlands

Usually when filing registration study , students should have the following documents

+ Certificate in English set 550 TOEFL or 6.0 IELTS

+ Birth certificate notarized English translation

+ Application form in English (introduce yourself, your family, have introduced the process of learning, work experience if yes, explain why choose this course, why choose to study Ha Lan)

Profile + certified by the local authorities have sealed and images, translated into English (CV)

+ High School diploma, undergraduate or high diploma, official transcripts, notarized transcripts translated into English. In some cases require professional experience.

+ The different degrees of foreign language, computer science, accounting (if any)

+ 12 color photos (4 × 6)

Copy of identity card + 5 copies

+ Copy 5 of the household

+ Health examinations at the provincial hospital, if in Hanoi visit Green-pon Hospital, Bach Mai …. form in English (not proof of HIV infection, drug addiction and tuberculosis)

+ Family commitments in the form

+ Application forms for admission to attend school

+ Visa application form of the Dutch Embassy

+ Commitment shall strictly implement the self-study

+ Certification by local police prove Ward no previous conviction of

Certificate of marriage status (yes or no marriage certificate are required)

(All the above documents must be translated into English and notarized)